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Since I joined DT last year I found my photograph habit had been changed gradually and mainly summaries as the following 3 aspects:

1.Get to Use Tripod More

For a long time since I used the digital camera I seldom used the tripod, why? Because it has the convenient setting of ISO and if found the shutter speed not fast enough, thinking that only enhance the ISO would works, like 400, 800, 1600…however, since joined DT, again and again my photos were rejected, the reason was “too much of the subject is out of focus or the image contains a large amount of noise artifacts, its use for the potential designers is limited because of this….” So to improve the quality of photos, I decided to use tripod more later.

2.Attend to Correct Exposure

Because Photoshop has a powerful processing function for the digital photograph, it made me seldom pay attention to control precisely the photo exposure, believing that it would be ok just using the curve to adjust it a little bit, even though over or under exposure. So PS can really effective all the time? DT made me know only correct exposure can achieve good quality photos. Actually, expect the superb special effect, most of our work by PS still can hardly improve the poor quality of photos, do you agree?

3.Take Photos with Clear Purpose

It’s also an obvious change that previous when outdoor I always shot aimlessly, however, since joined DT, I gradually focus on shooting some “valuable” stuffs, which are thought possible to add to my earning some “value” too.

In short, I really feel learned a lot from DT and sincerely hope later there’ll be a higher pass ratio for my upload photos.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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I tell you what I've noticed DT prefers as far as accepting images. Of course, even though I'll admit I am a newbie to dreamstime. However, enhancing pictures has been a fascination/fixation/compulsion of mine for 5 years now. DT prefers a mix of art & reality. This combination as seen as one studies each image above has this interesting effect. Comeback.


Completely agree!
Very useful for newbies in DT.


Yes ,I totally agree with you, To use a tripot is very important. And the low ISO can ensure the picture's quality, very fine and smooth.


let's make progress together,thanks for your comments!


thanks for your comments,and I like the snow pic very much too,though that pic is refused once by DT,haha!


thanks for your comments^^


right,commercial value is the most important thing in DT


cute illustration and cartoon in your album!


notice that your pic have many Chinese element,nice to meet you!


thanks for your comments,and very glad to meet you at DT


I agree - I have learned TONS more about photography since joining Dreamstime!!!


Yes, we're here to learn! Love the snow picture, still love the baby!


good points~these are what i have learnt from DT~
btw,the images are pretty nice


Yes, our habit will have some changes more or less!
Because our picture needs to possess certain commercial value.


the photos are clear and I find to them much beautiful.


Like your pictures.


What you have learnt is showing in your pics, very nice images.


yeah, it's really.


I guess somehow everyone out here fit into this category, and most us have benefited

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