How far can it go?

I was reading in the message boards about illustrations. What are they? How to create one? What software to use? etc. Photoshop is the software I use to post process my photos so, I decided to make an illustration using PS. I uploaded it just to see how far it would go...

Today it got accepted

And this one too!

Photo credits: Rocio Veltman.

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Noted Rocio, thanks! BTW, that flower composition really looks beautiful!


I like your creations, Rocio, because this illustrations are simple and show us a kind of purity. Keep creating, learning and uploading!



Thank you all for your nice words of encouragement.

TO Reflectionslane: There are many tutorials if you Google "Photoshop illustration tutorials" NOTE: NOT Illustrator, but Illustration.
Also DT's message boards there is a section for Illustrators. I just went through them one by one and read the ones that were at my level. There is a lot of great info there, but it is dispersed. That is why I can't give you a single link for the information you require. I hope this helps


Nice! Good luck with them!


Nice... Illustrations are great and they do make $$


I love that flower! :)


very nice! i was playing around PS Illustrator the other day as well but I didn't get anywhere. Can you post the link to that message board you were talking about on how to create one.



Went far already :)) Nice!

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