How find your photo sold!

Hi everybody

I think that one of most level of curiosity for a photographer on microstock is find the photo that you have shooted and sold!

There is a possibility to find them or you have just to find with google, checking thousand of pictures?

Photo credits: Andrea La Corte.

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September 23, 2010


Their curiosity can inform them with a great statistical data and this is why they focalize on it. If you want to make a resarch about your images for the same reason, I think you need to waste alot of time to find out where your images are being used and who enjoyed them or who did not and so on ...

Good luck my friend !

September 23, 2010


@Davulcu: I am sure, that Mc Donald's have this curiosity, and many of their research are focalized on it. They don't matter about the clients but they want to catch those that don't like burgers! :-D

September 23, 2010


You can search in google and maybe you are lucky... Good luck! :)

@Davulcu LOL! :D That´s very funny!

September 23, 2010


No ... it is like Mc Donalds to have curiosity who ate his burgers :)

September 23, 2010


@Davulcu: any curiosity to watch like your image are used?

@Almaterra: which site?

@Birozsolt - Olegunnar: thank you. But i have to upload my image first?

@Picstudio: thank you!

September 23, 2010


I have found four of my images on google.

September 23, 2010


I find it totally useless and waste of time. Instead of wondering where my image has been used ( thanks to all buyers ) I rather to spend my time to create new things..

However, I never seen any of my images being used anywehre either. If I do, oneday , it will be a surprise to me ...

September 23, 2010


Andrea, the best way - integrate TinEye in your browser FireFox ( addon still here ).

After - put cursor on your image and click on right botton on mouse and use Search Image on TinEye in menu.

September 23, 2010


Yes, this is the site

September 23, 2010


Hi Andrea,

There is a slim chance to find your picture.

The service is still developed and its database is growing. Therefore, better results can be expected in the future

Best regards

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