How the heck do you do that??!!

Ok, newbie, right here, question:

I'm hoping to get some shots of fireworks (obviously) this weekend. I've taken photos of fireworks before and they were ok. These have to be superb as I want to try to upload to DT. I have a Nikon D5000. Where do I start, people? What's the key? Help!

Please and Thank you! :)

Photo credits: Alexey Stiop.

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UUUUGGGHHH!!!!!! Rain has cancelled my plans! I was so ready to try all of these techniques! :-(


amazing photos, Richard! Thanks for the info guys!! :)


Here's my fireworks gallery. I've explained how I take them at the beginning of the gallery, complete with camera settings. Good Luck.


I´m curious to see your results...Good luck and have fun!


Very nice portfolio.... really lovely images. David.


aaahhhhh, gotcha, now! Thanks so much!!


I read somewhere that you can use the "bulb" function of your camera as wrote "Tan510jomast". You put a black paper in front the lens then press once only on the remote control and keep pressed. When there are the "bom bom", your can remove the paper and put back when there is nothing... and so on. When you think that you can over expose, release the finalize the picture et voilà! I will experiment it four times this august on the beach during the fireworks competition at Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands. Of course tripod as well ;) Good luck


great photos too, guys! Hope mine goes well amidst wrangling children and fighting mosquitoes haha!


Awesome! Thank you guys!! Very helpful! Hope I get some goodies this weekend! :)


I strongly recomend you to read my post, by now you've just missed the first part!


I wrote a small blog article on how I did this for the first time last year here:
Fireworks Virgin

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