How I calm down

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I will not ask you to cook, follow a ten-steps routine, go to an anger management course, call your psychiatrist, drink until you fall under the table and sleep, take some medicines, drink herbal tea, eat chocolate. I have never followed any of these, at least not when angry, moody, and needed calming down. I tend to swear a lot :)... but I do have another excellent remedy for angry, frustrated, annoyed, stressed, overworked people out here and there.

Music! - did i hear a disappointed awwwww? I know you know this, but what you do not know is this: I have special songs, appropriate for each mood and situation, and I gladly and warmly recommend them. Feel free to add your suggestions while enjoying my music :)

1. Piana Something's lost - this will put you to sleep :). But this is what I listen when I am really angry. And I think only happy thoughts :).

2. Muse Bliss - this will make you remember that there is someone there who loves you.

2 Knife Pass this on - this will make you wanna go out and get ridiculously drunk, dress funny, do silly things.

4. Mum Map of a piano. This always makes me go to the movies/theatre.

5. Shivaree Bossa Nova so what if I am angry - luckily there is someone at home I can yell at.

6. Noir desir L'appartement

francais, french......what can I say? You think of whatever you want for this song. I am addicted to it.

7. Faithless Crazy English summer this makes me think of home. I usually play it on my way to my parents' home.

8. Lamb Gorecki this reminds me of how happy, carefree, young and crazy I once college......thousands of years ago...

9. Roisin Murphy Overpowered it's time to go out and have a drink with the girls, gossip and talk latest fashion, movies, theater plays, weddings, occasionally books..Do we talk books these days?

10. And finally something that will definitely calm you down, Hooverphonic Eden to which you can safely add Nirvana Blue but unfortunately not available on youtube in the version I like.

Anyway, enjoy :) I have got plenty of other songs.On my computer, Ipod, cds etc. Too bad I do not listen to them too often.

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the thing that really works is music. i do listen music all the time. it helps in many ways. thanks for sharing your music with us.


We all have our triggers to get us to lose our cool. I used to be one of them ... you know, I was so predicitable, you can almost know how to flip my switch. I am by nature a sensitive person. I think all good artists are... or else you cannot make great photographs or paint great art, or write great music ...without sensitivity.
But sensitivity is a double edged sword if we cannot control them.

I found my way of directing my energy to creating images, music, poetry, writing,etc.. But many times, you find that these triggers are still there.

Lately, I found the best way to keep these overreaction in control, or more so, to maintain a perspective of where those triggers are coming from. It is a weak person who cannot control his feelings.
But we are human, and that is our weakness... the will to think.
Animals don't have that. That's why they don't die of CVA or get mental or whatever ails us.

So sometimes, it is good to be like an animal. God's creatures. no other agenda other than to live for the moment.
Or, you can try behaving like my favourite robot - Cameron (Summer Ghau, in Terminator Sarah Connors Chronicle). I love that program.
How that kid freaks out at her, and she walks away, emotionless.

Now, that's the way to calm down. Be robotic. What do you think Carmen? Have a great weekend. Good blog.


Sorry im commenting on a wrong place, I know you are one of the admin, I got the suggestion from your thread to alert the admin, one of my image uploaded for assignment is stuck from 10/06/2008, it still says 2 hours ETR, but nothing happening since uploaded this image, and the other image uploaded with this is approved already.


Thanks for this blog Carmen, I just got lost in You Tube!


What calms me is Oh Laura "Release me"


i like the first one by piana - thanks for posting these!!!


To be completely honest Petar, music is my only proven remedy for angry/anger fits. This is why some of my music is angry or has angry beats :). As alternative, I tried beating chocolate, puddings, creme brulees, instead. It led to....extra pounds. So music is a lot cheaper and healthier.


You have provided a fun and useful method to call away the pressures too.


It is easy to forget how wonderful music is, and how quickly it reaches deep into the heart. Thanks for the reminder.

For myself - I go outside and sit in the sun, and breathe deeply for at least 5 minutes. It works!


Really, no Anger Management course?! Hm... I guess there's more out there than I thought. :P


:) Hi Teresa...I do that when cleaning. I dance with the vacuum cleaner.


Dancing and singing to the songs is also good. Helps relieve the tension. :) I dance with my cat (not sure yet if he likes it or not).

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