How I find this planet Earth

As a visitor from the Planet Enos I find this planet fascinating. Living above the ground is quite and interesting sensation but .. the skies so bright it hurts my eyes. I find it burning, I long for the cloud covered skies of my planet.

To protect my eyes I found an object called by the natives .. Sun Glasses they are objects that you put on your face bars on the side sit over the ears and the middle of it sits on your nose. Oval like clear rock objects sit over the eyes.. they are see though like the clear rock of home but they are made of a substance they call Glass .. this is tinted with a colour that is more a browny black. you can still see though it by the eyes are rested from the sun. I was told that these sunglasses were called Raybands, I think that is the name. The man who gave them to me swore by them and a thing called zp14+ a kind of cream to put on your body to protect it from the rays of the sun.

This chemical cream is put on your skin it is very greasy ... I found the smell offensive and .. my body felt rather uncomfortable with it on .. I soon washed it off with a thing called soap. A block of white substance this time hard. that was called Dove.. I was told by the man it was ph balanced what ever that means. These people on this planet seem to worry a lot about their skin. If they could live under ground as we do I think they would worry less about their skin and more about just living life.

After Slip Slopping and Slapping.. thats slipping on a T-shirt slapping on a hat and sunglasses and slopping on sunscreen I ventured out into the world.

We travel underground in small capsule like pods that move on the underground currents of the internal vents. Here on earth they travel in pods too. but they have wheels and are very smelly and noisy. While our travel is silent, bar the sound of the brushes that seal the captual to aid the travel, these automobiles run on the combustion engine and spout out earth killing fumes. Personally I do not understand why they do not use some kind of renewable resource to power these traveling pods. but my earth friend tells me they are addicted to oil.. what ever that means. I suggested they harness the unlimited options of hydrogen as it is part of the oxygen they breath in every day and the only by product would not harm this world. He says they will eventually. I do hope it is soon for this planets' sake.

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