How I participated in Assignments

If you paid attention to the Assignments section, you would know that almost every month there is competition to create picture (photo or illustration) on proper topic. Last time the theme was "Go green" which meant saving energy, flora and fauna caring, human actions to protect nature etc.

Several days I had doubts: participate or not? Because I'm not good at competitions and I didn't think I was able to create something great. BUT! One day I thought - why not? It took me three hours to create this.

All the week I was worried if the work is accepted. And voila! It is!!! It inspired me a lot.

Now I'm looking forward to results and wish all my colleagues not to be afraid to start something new and participate in every competition you find interesting.

Photo credits: Olyashevchenko.

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Good luck in the competition, nice illustration


this is how you do, even in life! :)


Amazing image, simple, meaningful & successful :)
Good luck in the next competitions. I hope I will be able to participate also :)

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