How I used a photo from Dreamstime . . .

This blog is a kind of reply to the article a buyer wrote a few days ago over here.

She gave some examples of how she had used the images she had purchased here, so I thought that I would share also!

I bought this image not very long ago for an advertisement I was designing.

Here it is (in PDF format): click here.

I also used this photo, but I purchased it from a different stock site.

© Barsik

Photo credits: Galina Barskaya, Tracy Whiteside.

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I am also a newbie to uploading photos - and it was so helpful to me to see a few contributor's blogs that I thought I would share how I used some when I purchased some photos!


Thank you so much for sharing. It would so nice to see more posts like yours - I think that it is very informative and useful (especially to newbies) to see how photos are used. As contributors, we may better understand how to compose and present our images in a manner that makes sense to buyers.


Thank you for sharing it with us. It's always interesting to see where go our images. Once, a customer mailed me about an image he purchased here and I were able to see what he did with that. I was really happy :).


appreciate including the picture you downloaded from other site. Nice work keep those things coming


Keep sharing!
I'll also do it soon :))) I've made 3 websites but only used my photos for them. Hope my business will grow up and buy lots of photos from here :)


Thank you very much for your comments! I hope someday I will find my photos used somewhere!


Thanks for sharing this, it's always nice to see the photos in use ;)
Lately I'm receiving some photos used in SPAM e-mails & just today found one used in a newsletter of a travel agency! unfortunatly I can't share it but I can tell which one...

 Young woman on the beach 


Hello Eclecticelegance, checked out your PDF and it looks great , Thank you for shareing what you did with the photos you purchased, it is always great to see photos in use.

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