How important is a website for a dreamstime contributor

Since 13/01/2009 is online my new website:

It's in italian but I'm translating in english; for the next weeks it can be ready in two languages.

I decided to build one to advertise my dreamstime works because my sellings do not increase with normal instruments.

I think it is important today to be online with every internet instruments: blogs, forums, websites, advertising banner, etc... and so my decision to build this website.

I don't know if it's a good way to increase my sellings but I hope to start increasing the views and have some referral contributor on dreamstime as first step.

I'm waiting for your comments to know your experience on the WEB as Dreamstime contributor (illustrator and/or photographer).

Good job,


Photo credits: Aitan75.

Your article must be written in English



I have recently implemented the html code from DT to separate categorized pages on my site. I think it is a good idea for many reasons. See my profile for link.


NIce website, good luck with it!


I have my website since 2000, now I'm a designing and developing sites for people, So its very important to have one so people can see our work. Now my site is undergoing major changes to cope with Web 2 standards.
My Site

Another site I have started which doing great days these the site is Classified Dubai

All in all a website is very important to communicate.

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