How long does it take to submit 1000 pictures

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Trying to figure out how long it takes to submit 1000 pictures and get noticed?

I'm here to share my journey on how long it took to finally get 1000 pictures up, as someone that has no time! I am someone that works alot...and when I say alot It is an average of 80 hours a week or more in a regular I used photography as a tool to unwind and get in nature as much as I can on the little down time I get.

It only leaves me one day a week for a few hours in that day to get outside and hustle, because one day my goal is to have the largest portfolio on dreamstime :) so I have to start building the foundation now so I have a plan for one day to build an empire from the ground up!

I have been pretty strict on making sure I shoot as much as I can and I only upload on rainy days so it has been a turtle race with time but I finally did it!

Reality check- this translates into 5 years! Do not get discouraged with those facts, it just means that i started a foundation at least, but if I had the time to submit every day the numbers would easily be 2000 pictures a year if i was not working so much and this would translate into 10,000 pictures in 5 years!

If you are not working and just can focus on photography full time you could easily get 10,000 pictures up in 2 years if you are working solo.

I wanted to let the people that are wanting to make a career of photography know that in order to make money fast, it just does not work this way!

Business in photography is like taking a stairway to heaven with a million steps! There is no short cuts!

You must be in an investor in yourself and you must be an investor of time. If you do not have a job right now and you know you have a talent for photography the best time to start is now! Just start looking for a job that will compliment photography because you will have a great platform to build your portfolio and once you have time you can go full stream ahead, and the job that pays you can open up doors to show new clients your great portfolio for future deals!

There is not much movement on the sales until you create a huge presence because its like being in a pool of millions of fish, (photographers) so you have to become the largest fish ( by creating a huge portfolio on many subjects ) in the ocean if you want the fishermen (customers that buy) to notice :)

Once you get to that first 1000 pictures, this is when you notice everything starting to move and get traction! I never noticed huge movement until I loaded up my 700th picture! All of a sudden the system on dreamstime seems to do something to push your account out into the universe.

I do not advertise anywhere these 135 sales just happened all by themselves with no push from me at all.

If you have the time and resources to advertise your portfolio, this is when the true numbers start rolling in so be patient and start instagram and facebook to really boost sales!

Here is my latest success....this money shot is now on the Montreal Blog site which is almost like the Yahoo of Montreal on information! Thank you Montreal BLog for noticing my picture and putting it up on your news report!

Photo credits: Project007.

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August 11, 2019


Hi Mgphotostock...To answer some questions... payouts are allowed after your first $100.00 .... personally I won't ask to get paid until I reach  $1000 to make it worth the paperwork that follows Later 😉Extended licences I believe will happen with only very exotic pictures, so if you are great with photoshop, let your imagination take over, and think outside the box to be very over the top original!  Most people pay top dollar only for really custom made work! The majority of people that use stock footage will buy volume - for magazines and newspapers, so find a subject you love, and stick with making every kind of picture and angle of it that you possibly can! If you are like me, and want to take pictures of whatever subjects come up ... organize your page to have collections (of each subject )so you have niche markets inside of your portfolio! The more in your collection,  the more you will sell of the subject ! Buyers usually buy a story that you create with your pictures, so always try to make your picture belong with a story. Write as much detail as you can in your captions , and then again add more details again and retag another time, with more unique words on your collections!!! What to expect from your portfolio sales? I would expect 10  percent of your pictures to be selling as a good gage... which means if you want to sell 1000 pictures, your portfolio needs to have 10 thousand pictures!!! Yes, it's a very slow process and a labour of love, so only the serious photographers will keep up the portfolio and reap the rewards later. The best business always grows in baby steps so I recommend to make a goal and stick to it... happy adventure! 

July 28, 2019


Can I ask some questions?1) How long it took to get the first payout? 2) Did you get an extended license sale? If you got, what is the ratio of it between all your sales?Thanks. I'm curious about this, about what should I expect from my portfolio, the potential... 

July 26, 2019


Dear Vishaldpvp, You had a great question on what is best to upload? I would start with commercial, on the editorial side its more picky and I personally did not contribute to the editorial side until I was on here for a few years. If you do live in a country far away from the USA or Canada, The amount of editorial you can supply is in major demand. Journalists do not get access easily when they are from an American country due to many factors, so If you are from a far away land take pictures of how the people live, the more unique and remote the better. Your off to a great start Vishaldpvp! Keep taking pictures of everything around you. The more pictures you take of the people, the more you will sell as well. My site has no people because its a huge amount of prep time if you need models in your pictures, however if you have access to villages and far away places, the news in America does not have easy access to those places so I believe your very lucky if you speak the language and if you know people that will just do people things and let you take pictures, you will be a huge success! Keep up your great work....Love your butterfly pictures! Keep posting everything around you-one post a day is 365 pictures up a year! :)

July 26, 2019


Rbrucew....Thank you for your inspiring comments! Keep up your awesomeness to!

July 26, 2019


William what an inspiration you are! You need to give us all advise on how u produced so much work! Keep it going amazing work and thank you for always taking the time to write your comments so appreciate the support!

July 25, 2019


Dear Sir, I have big confusion about where to upload photo (1)commercial or  (2) editorial,  from which one we can get more benefits.?

July 25, 2019


I agree with William's comment; it's all about fun. If it becomes a drag the returns are not worth it. Good work, bye-the-way. Keep it up.

July 25, 2019


I just keep enjoying photography and consider stock as a hobby that pays for itself (a little!). When sales come, they come. It is just pure fun, and like it is for you, a way to unwind. Thanks for writing! William 

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