How many need more sales?

I have now realized that views mean nothing! My portfolio so far has received a decent number of views with this image having the most views and one sale:

I hear that lots of views means good keywording, but no sales means images are of the required standard? Does this therefore mean that the hours I’ve spent getting my portfolio to a grand total of fourteen!!! images, is just wasted time? Thanks god uploading images doesn’t cost!

I’ve seen many people with seemingly the same problem, so what can we do? Well heres what I’ve managed to gather together:

1) Never bother spending too much time on an image in Photoshop, up to certain point you are making improvements, then after this point you actually end up degrading the photo, spend the extra time on being more careful pre-exposure, and get a few really good shots.

2) Get the most out of your equipment, all our lenses have a sweet spot where lens distortions are at their minimum, do a little research and use this sweet spot as much as possible, from what I gather, on most standard or kit lenses, this is usually about f/8-11

3) Creativity can be hard sometimes, but the more you do research from using the search function the better idea you can have about what areas are saturated with images and which areas could be a goldmine, (I'm still trying to find that goldmine).

4) Even though I hate this point, it seems to be only too true, things on pure white or pure black backgrounds sell damn well, even if you think the image looks great in another way, it’s worth isolating the item you are photographing either in Photoshop, or simply by putting it on a sheet of white A3 card and increasing your exposure compensation by a couple of stops, and uploading that as well.

5) Perseverance, it seems that those who are doing really well either are really lucky, but mostly, they have been in the industry for a long time so every photo in their portfolio is amazing and generating a lot of sales, however, just think how many photos they have that are not uploaded that aren’t up to the Dreamstime standard, this whole process is one great big learning curve for all.

6) Don't waste time, don’t feel down because say out of 10 you've submitted 2 got accepted, (more like 50 submitted and only 2 accepted for me, that was a baad day), the quickest way to get a decent portfolio, is to shoot as much as possible, and be your own critic, think, why would someone commercially want to buy this photo?

7) Don’t confuse art with commercial uses, this site only wants the pictures that people can buy and use in their, say marketing campaign.

Photo credits: Brightspark567.

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Very helpful advice! Thank you so much for sharing!


thanks for the advice Aginger, ill look into it more, never thought the
Title carried so much weight in searches etc.

Dcwcreations -i try to photography a wide range of things or else i find my self getting bored quite easily, (just the way I am), but it can be a fine line between whats interesting and fun to shoot, and what sells to shoot. btw thanks for your comments


I think stock is not a rush shooting area of photographing, you must learn lots of things about it (I'm still learning also :)). In my opinion, it's better to upload 3 good photos daily from which all can be approved than upload tons of boring shots...
An other thing, keywording (and title) is the most important thing! If you don't mind, I checked one of your photo: 9369271 . I think it's a really good shot, but you can sell it better with an other title, ex. 'Growing chili plants' or something like that. I don't belive in that more keywords mean more sales, I should remove non-specific words like cooking or clean...


If I may add my two cents worth, diverse your portfolio a bit, You can still specialize in one area but have some photos in others.
Every portfolio should have some photos of people doing something.
The most somebody can say when asked to sign a release is no.
Make your portfolio like a little quickmart, a little something for everyone.

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