How about meet in USA for photoset, or travel together?

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Hello to all!

This spring, probably in the early in April, me and my friend - Marina (on photo) want travel to USA. I think we will stay in NYC for a few days, then for one week stay in Washington DC, and then not to know yet, may be somebody want invite us to do some photos together? may be just show your city and take some photos for memory, or even implement some projects? and doesn't matter where you live, we are interesting everything. Also we can change dates of our trip.

I can take two powerful flashes with Bowens bayonet joint for taking outdoors photos, also have usual light flashes.

Photo credits: Tea.

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January 28, 2011


Thank you for your post.
May be I'll come in June also, but, usualy, very busy in my hometown )).
I think we can come to you after, or before Chicago. Are you agree host us, or we need look for hotel? Then better come, weekend, or weekdays?
You can answer by private massage.
P.S. We are not afraid cloudy or cold weather, becouse i was born in Naryan-Mar (northen part of Russia), and last time then we are was in Washington DC there was a lot of snow ))), and we had a lot of fun and only some problems, like problems with transport, but our photoes for memory was really amazing, becous almost all people stay home and some times we are feeling, that we are alone in capital of USA ))

January 28, 2011


If you come to Wisconsin I am at your service. :-)

But... I would recommend coming in June or later if you're visiting the upper half of the USA. The weather will be better.

January 28, 2011


LINK This site may help you ;)

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