How Much!?!?!?!?!

At this moment all major micro stock agencies have more than one million pictures in their portfolios and keep running on. Before reaching the one million milestone we all thought after that is gonna come a break, a change or anything like. But the race is going on with the same speed.

After encircling the earth once, we all started again at a faster speed.

The truth is that world is changing every moment and so there is a need for new fresh pictures.

Photo credits: Ilie Cristian Ionescu.


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November 17, 2007


Hey! I haven't check your blog for a long time. Wow, that's a great news! Late congratulations to you and your honey!!! Wish you two lot of happy moments in your life! Hopefully we gonna see a lot of more model shots in your gallery ;)) Not so many and radical changes in my life, but thanks for asking! I'm doing very good. Busy with everyday life... Glad to hear from you, I already thought that university has swallowed you. Good, it's not the case. Best wishes to both of you!!!

September 14, 2007


Hi, Imago! Where have you been? How's study going?

September 04, 2007


and the speed is not the same.. keeps going up..
P.S: i like the grapes

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