How much is gas in your country?

Here in the US we are getting slammed with the highest prices for gasoline that we have ever seen. Worse yet, these prices affect absolutely everything. Food, water, clothing you name it, if it needs to travel to get to where you are… the price is going up.

We won’t talk about turning food into fuel… Whose idea was that? It sure sounded good but if you were a farmer would you grow food for people or fuel? The answer lies in how much money you will make from the crop. Are we going from Oil Barons to Corn Barons?

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PS: I like popcorn. I guess the price of that will be going up as well.

Gone are the leisurely drives up the beach and back. Gone are the days of a spontaneous road trip with the rag top down your hair blowing in the wind. Gone are the old days….

I know the rest of the world has already experienced high prices for fuel.

Here the price of gas in my area on June 20, 2008 hovers at $4.09 a gallon for regular.

What is the price in your country?

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The gases are free anywhere ;_)


Economy improves, gas prices go up and people complain about gas prices. Economy dips, gas prices go down, people complain about the economy.


In Moldova, one of the poorest, or to be correct the poorest country in Europe, 1 liter of gasoline costs 1,07$ or 4.04$ per galon.


It's about $2.40 a gallon here in southern Missouri. I love my 38mpg Saturn!!! It's a 1999 model too. hahahaha... Just an advantage of being a mechanic and "tweaking" some settings and other things.


Ok.. it is slowly creeping up..up up! South Florida-- $2.59.


Gas and diesel Prices for most countries in europe:


I noticed that as well - a big selling point is a car that can do 28 mpg. Strange world. :)


Ironically, Americans think their gas is too expensive: fill up in the US is about $35 - here in the UK we pay about £50 (about $80) to fill the tank.

equally ironic is the fact that european cars get much better gas mileage than cars here in the US.
never got the logic behind that bit of engineering.

when i lived in germany 20 years ago, i had an old BMW that got better mileage than the chrysler i own today.


Just back from a visit to the US where gas is sooooo cheap driving is enjoyable. Ironically, Americans think their gas is too expensive: fill up in the US is about $35 - here in the UK we pay about £50 (about $80) to fill the tank.


Gas in South Florida is beginning its climb... $2.39 a gallon.


In the Netherlands around 1.41 euro a liter.

1 gallon = 3,78541178 liter, so 3,78541178 x 1,41 euro = 5,34 a gallon in Euros = 7,16 US dollar a gallon!


round about $1.70 for gas and $ 0,83 for LPG here in Germany at the moment...hope it hold on....


Smyrna Ga 1.99 a gallon
20 briquets to a cook out    Beetle Grill   


I am just south of San Francisco and we are averaging $2.39/gallon. Cheaper than this time last year and not bad compared to some other countries.


South shore of Montreal : 89 cents canadian litre.



Around $2.25 May 2009 USA Midwest.


In Massachusetts, USA I paid $2.03 per gallon today. Up a little bit recently but still quite a good drop from what we were paying last year!


In Brazil gasoline is about 1.1US$ a litre, in some states, like Sao Paulo, the one I live, we use etanol instead, its about half the price, but the car uses 30% more litres than gasoline, so its still worth it.


Trinidad is a oil and gas producing country we supply to other countries and we have to pay $3.00 US a gallon.


Hi, interesting question :)
In Portugal is around 0.98€ per litre, but it changes almost everyday...


Gas is now down to $1.89.


Hello, here in Uruguay (South America) it costs about $4.34 per gallon. It´s a bit cheaper than two months ago but it´s still too expensive for our economy. To have a big picture evaluation you should consider that our promedial salary it´s about $400 a month.


I have to also report gas has been spotted in Central Florida at 3.09 a gallon!


Don't know if this thread is ended, but just wanted to share the good news that gas was $2.88 down here in central FL...


Fuel is going up and it's not fun but hopefully that will make other technologies more viable and force us to move to cleaner power in due course.

Avoid "water4gas" or "HHO" though. They're scams and there are plenty of similar ones going round.


4.50 in California


4.50 in California
Funny, the price of bread is keeping up with the price of gas!


It has been reported that the cost of POPCORN has been effected... Cost of POPCORN


I found this cool site, it might be worth a try.
Get 61 Miles to the Gallon


Price here in Southwest Missouri, USA has increased to 3.85 in honor of the 4th of July weekend. Gas companies love holidays. 3.85 does not sound as high as the others, but SW Mo is a very poor area of the USA.

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