How my first sale happened

It was January 2015. I had joined Dreamstime just a few months before that: October 2014. By then, I had just uploaded the pictures I had taken since I bought my DSLR and found that had just about 66% survived the review process. I found myself wondering: where can I get more subjects? What else could I photograph that would be worth uploading to DT?

I found out that tweeting mi images increased the number of views. I knew that this most likely WON'T mean that anyone would buy an image. But I thought that, maybe, having more views would improve my search placement.

I had uploaded 0 images in December 2014, and I was thinking this may be not for me. But then, the Formula E electric car racing tour visited Buenos Aires and I got a free ticket. It wasn't a great spot to take the pictures, but it wasn't that bad either. I took a lot of pictures (all editorial naturally). Of course, not all of them passed my own review, but to my surprise almost all of them were accepted in DT. Here goes a piece of advice: if you upload images like these, which have a much higher sales potential right after you took the pic, you can contact support and they'll review your pictures way before the ETR. In my case it took about 24 hours since I submitted the priority review request.

Nelson Piquet Jr

Then, I started to tweet those pictures. And a few days after that, I got a reply tweet from a Bruno Senna fans club in Brazil saying something like: "we love your pics! awesome!", and they retweeted two of my pics. A few minutes after that, those very same two images were sold. Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Bruno Senna

Bruno Senna

So, you see? You never know what's gonna work, and how. I just tweeted to feel I was doing something else other than the regular shooting->downloading->Lightrooming->uploading->keywording->submitting->reviewing->accepting workflow. I know it's useless most of the times. But this time it worked, and it was encouraging.

Photo credits: Juanpfotografia.

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i love this story thank you for sharing it!


Congratulations! I'm looking forward to see more of your work!!!!


Lovely to see such fantastic photos, good luck for the future.

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