How Not to Miss Shots While On the Road

I'm sure we've all been there, driving down the highway and we see something that strikes our fancy and we say or think to ourselves: "I'll have another or better opportunity at the next pullout".

I recently had this experience, and I'm still kicking myself for not pulling over when I wanted to...a couple times.

Of course there are those times when it's just not possible or safe to pull over, and I wish I had a camera built into the windshield and the shutter release was on the steering wheel. But until we have that luxury we have to make the most out of the places that we can pull over.

Breccia Cliffs - Forest Pinnacles

I almost didn't stop to take the above photo for a couple reasons: I wanted to get to the hotel, and I wasn't sure how cool it would look on screen. But there's no way to tell until you do it.

Mount Nebo Bowl

Mount Nebo & Surrounding Peaks

The above photos were taken from a moving car on the highway. They aren't remarkable in my opinion, but they aren't terrible either. But it does give you an idea of the kind of photos that can be taken from a car. Just remember to roll the window down before you snap.

Snow Splattered Peak in Winter

I almost didn't stop for the previous photo as well. I was also doubting it's screen appeal.

So if you're debating on pulling over or not, just pull over and take the shot, you might not have another chance.

Photo credits: Alluring Nature.

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July 19, 2018


Doug, you take beautiful, amazing and unusual pictures.

June 13, 2018


After encountering that same dilemma many many times, I now have a credo: "Is that image going to sell on DT? If yes, stop, turn around, go back, get the shot"

June 12, 2018


Oh yes, like you said - you might not have another chance.Lovely pictures.

June 12, 2018


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