How the Orphan Works Bills Affects Visual Artists

Please visit this webpage to read what we as artists are up against . begin to contact your legislative branch representatives to stop this bill. it has already been meeting with favor among those in position to stop it.

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stop this!!!

Photo credits: Tad Denson.

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May 09, 2008


PDN in a recent article summarizes the current supporters/opponents of the bill.

May 08, 2008


I've read this, and I don't see where this bill will hurt the artists. I see where it protects the artists. An Orphan Work is a work of art where the author is unknown, and will not affect anyone who is able to prove that a work is their own.
Orphan Works .
All this bill is doing is creating laws regarding abanonded works of art or works of art where the artist is unknown, probably because it was never recorded. That's all. Whoever created the website you posted exaggerated things and misinterpreted grossly. The links to the original bills you have posted even have sections regarding infringement, protecting the orphaned work until it is determined that that the author is untracable. I see this bill as a good thing for artists.

May 08, 2008


house version

senate version

from wikipedia

May 08, 2008


No offense, but I'd rather read the bill itself as compared to someone else's interpretation of it. This could easily be interpretted incorrectly. I've seen it many times, with many different things.

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