How photography and dreamstime changed me

I actually have never been a serious photographer. I still don't believe I am because there are so many things to learn.

The best part about learning photography to me was actually the enjoyment and satisfaction of capturing and seeing things in a new dimension.

Before doing this, I was not interested to even travel. The only place I wanted to go was Epcot center in florida (I've been there like 3 times already). To me, I don't feel I really gain anything from going to parks. I can zoom through a park in record time and feel very unsatisfied.

Now, that was before.

That totally changed for me when I started this adventure. When I and my family now visit a park, we can spend hours in there discovering things that was overlooked before. This totally changed my perception. I basically didn't realize what I was missing.

Sure, my initial intention of doing this was partly motivated by the fact that I could create some passive income. I still have that intention but now it's like about how it also brings me and my family closer because we actually go out every weekend to discover the world's beauty.

My son is actually having a blast since he gets to go to all the parks and places. My wife loves it because she is an outdoor and nature gal.

I love it because now I can't wait for the weekend and to anticipate what will be discovered.

I hope and know that others do feel the same and how photography has enriched their lives.

Till next time.

Photo credits: Alexander Shalamov, Johannes Gerhardus Swanepoel, Lolaferari.

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September 03, 2008


Thanks.. :)

September 03, 2008


Welcome to dreamstime and to the wonderful and poisonous world of photography ;)

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