How the photos are chosen?


I have encountered couple of time this problem, and I don't know hot to do it right.

I have submitted more different pictures about the same subject, but just 2 out of 30 were selected, and they are not necessarily the best ones.

You have the samples bellow.

What are the criteria for selecting the pictures from a larger series, when the subject is repeating?



Photo credits: Ciprian Salceanu.

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September 10, 2010


Thanks for the advices!

September 08, 2010


Bradcalkins is absolutely right... the batch of images you submitted was reviewed from different editors and every editor only saw some images and not all of this series; best way to prevent getting not the best images accepted is only uploading the best images of a series...

September 08, 2010


I think it's best to always upload your best shots first, that way they won't be rejected because there are too many of the same subject. It's in your own interest to be very selective, as uploading very similar images will only dilute your revenue, no allowing you to reach Level 2 or Level 3 sales.

September 08, 2010


Agree, supply tour best. I can see why DT would not accept 30 shots of the same paraglider, too similar shots. Good luck and hope you get many sales :-)

September 08, 2010


You can choose and upload 1-3 best of pictures and from the rest make collage.

September 08, 2010


Nice pics. I too have encountered such type of problem, and my solution to the problem is don't upload all the pics in one time regroup them and upload at different intervals, chose best ones to upload and crop them to make some more interesting compositions from the repeating pics.

September 07, 2010


If you want them to select the best ones, you should submit just the best ones. On Dreamstime you see higher dollar sales with fewer images on a topic. I suspect the editors pick what they think is the best of the lot, but since they are submitted as individual images there is no guarantee they all go to the same editor for review at the same time. By submitting them all you risk getting some approved that aren't the best ones, and then having the "best" rejected since you already have some online.

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