How's business?

Young business people in board room meeting

Business is the canonical stock subject. It's undoubtedly the most photographed, the most illustrated and the best sold concept to this date.

There are more than 7.1 million results matching the 'business' search on Dreamstime. You might think it's a topic that's been dealt with exhaustively, that everything is already very well covered. Allow us to contradict this and assure you that the 'business' concept is far from meeting its end in the stock business. On the contrary, it has evolved and it has changed by taking new shapes, new colors, new poses and settings. It still looks great and most importantly, it sells very well.

Business meeting

For those who are curious how can this be, we've had a look at the most downloaded business images in 2017. Let's see what has changed and what still sells business-wise these days.

It is true that authenticity and diversity have had they saying in the sales but apart from the candid smile, the real life people and real time actions, we have also discovered new traits that make business shots successful.

Business Team Celebration Party Success Concept

As with any other concept, the 'business' concept in stock follows the social, cultural, international shifts and trends. We're not living the perfect age, but we're living an age where people are each portrayed as unique, amazing individuals. Because they are and each one of us is truly special. This is why personalized marketing is now a hit.

Also, there's a constant search for what some call happy living, positive feelings and well being. Because we all like to smile, feel good and optimistic and let's face it, happy sells better than sad. That's why you'll see plenty of light and plenty of vibrant colors in marketing and advertising today.

Business People Office Working Corporate Team Concept

So, if you're wondering what more to focus on when shooting or choosing business shots, here's the catch: color and personalization.

We're happy to notice that content providers have adapted to the market needs for a couple of years now and got creative with some things that were previously left out but there's room for improvement. Diversity and authenticity are no longer enough. You need to be colorful and personal.

Ideas Thoughts Knowledge Intelligence Learning Meeting Concept

It's no secret that nobody digs the classic business suit photo anymore. Business is stepping up into a new level of colors. Because we are all looking to be happy and relate to happy much better than anything else, there's an explosion of punchy colors in what used to be a drab, colorless business setting. It's still professional, still business, only it looks more vibrant. You'll see pastels, neon orange, plenty of green, baby blue, candy pink. Unexpectedly, the dominant color palette in successful business shots is filled with yellow, orange, green.

Man Analysis Business Accounting on Laptop

Since we're spending much of our time in the office, it is only natural for people to own and appropriate the workplace. Here comes the personalization of the workplace which is not only a must but a reality, a fact photographers and designers cannot overlook. The office setting is more complex and people bring in not only their coffee, but also their silly doodles, their snacks, their plants or glittery sticker-covered macs. There's a a new office culture emerging and stock photography shows it: the workplace as a place of equilibrum, color, well being, light and 'ME'. It brings out each and every individual as being different and particular in a place where you work and feel great, where you feel at home.

And that my dears, is a successful business shot today :): diversity, authenticity, color and a touch of personal. All images used to illustrate the article are among the business top sellers in 2017.

Photo credits: Pressmaster, Rawpixelimages, Wavebreakmedia Ltd.

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Real thing is the answer :-) Personally I think that out of the 7.1 million results you find 80% crap... Outdated, ridiculous, sexistic and not very credible. But OK some got humor and that's useful sometimes. And of course, business looks very different in different cultures and contexts. Great article anyway :-)


Wonderful article! Thanks for the tips :)

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