How sad

How sad. Despite continued efforts, the sales are not growing.

Sorry for venting!


© Dana

Photo credits: Anita Patterson Peppers, Daniela Spyropoulou, Eric Simard, Uko_jesita.

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February 22, 2011


looks like you joined in june last year I think it takes awhile for the sales to start coming in, but they will

February 21, 2011


How about getting exclusive with DT? That would give better visibility to your portfolio and hopefully boost your sales and confidence. It worked for me and for a lot of other contributors. Good luck!

February 21, 2011


businesses and most individuals in USA have taboo on topics of sadness and failure. as a result there may be very little chance to sell something sad - especially if it looks real. Outrageously phony things sell better - look at artificial smiles of all those cover girls and politicians - to my taste they look nauseatingly ugly but hey, they sell very well. BTW I like that old man by Uko_jesita, but you will never find him on the cover of a magazine and it is indeed quite sad.

February 21, 2011


don't let a dry spell get you discouraged. try to shoot a variety of work and then give it time. and once you have enough in your portfolio you can look and see what sort of images sell for you.
i wish i could tell you which ones, but really, you cannot predict what the clients like.
in the end, try to establish a style. so you can stand out .

February 21, 2011


Dont give up, be patience, upload more photos!

February 21, 2011


I would also pay attention to proper keywording ( there are few good blogs at DT, or at internet generally ). Right title adn description is not less important. It is important to have nice pictures, but you have to build a way how to find them between other milions of pictures... I also realised it lately...:)

February 21, 2011


Don't ever give up in your life, just keep doing your hardwork and results will soon follow you.

February 21, 2011


I do not know whether it is worthwhile to continue spending time to upload photographs, enter keywords, etc ...

February 21, 2011


DonĀ“t give up! Sales will have nice images in your portfolio. Just keep uploading ... I wish you all the Best and good luck in more sales!

February 21, 2011


Patience, patience, keep uploading and improve the tags on your images, I saw you have many images called the same way...

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