How to add own photo to a collection


Could somebody tell...

how to add own photo to a collection

for example how to add this photo of Venezia to Venezia-Collection?

Thank you!

Photo credits: Aija Lehtonen.

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Okay, as far as I could see no one has been wicked enough to create a least favourite images collection....but I did come across this great description for a collection: "sunsets for the party ohh yeah i dont know what to write but i need to write a lot of crap here to make this all right yea yeah yeah come on now get green".


LOL - Brad, I'm going to look through the collections now - it's so wacky someone is bound to have made a collection like that....

Aijadream - have a look at some existing collections (such as Funky Funk, which I manage) just to get a feel for them - pick a subject that reflects some of your images so you can add them to your collection or just pick a subject you find interesting (I have a collection without any of my images: Photographers and Cameras) and go for it. If you want the collection to be public (so we can all see it) you need to include images from at least five contributors (including you).


You are free to add anyone's photos to your own collections without contacting them - if anything it adds exposure to their images. Unless you are planning on making a 'Least favorite images' collection or something :)


Ok, so could I just add other photograheors photos into my own collection or should I ask approval from them first?


You can always start your own collection...pick a subject, search for some images (including your own), add them to a lightbox, convert the lightbox to a collection - all can be done from your management area.


Thank you, that did work fine!


It's simple.
Click on image, there you have 3 tools (buttons )
Royalty Free, Extended licenses, Tools
Click on Tools , and there is "Add to collection:" field.

If you click from your portfolio to your picture , you will see statistics and then you have to click on picture again to go to public view of your picture.


Thank you a lot! .. how do you send the comment from one of the pictures of the collector's owner?


I usually go to one one of their pictures in their collection (make sure to select the right collection owner of course) and send a comment with my picture reference number.
It's entirely up to them to add the shot to their collection or not so I just ask them to check it out and add it if they think it's suitable.


How do you contact the owner ? I suppose that if the owner has a web site you can use the contact button on the site. Any more direct way ? David.


You can't add to other's collections - but you can contact the 'owner' of the collection and request/suggest they add yours to it...

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