How to add pics to collections?


I have a number of architectural shots in my portfolio, however, they lack views.

Therefore the obvious thought was to have them included in various themed collections for better exposure. Yet I still have to discover how exactly I can add them to a certain collection?

Any tips on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.


Your article must be written in English

August 07, 2012


Thank you for your reply.

August 06, 2012


look at peoples pages and on the right it will show latest articles.. many people post they are looking for images for thier collection. just write to them and ask if they will add specific photos!

December 18, 2011



Thanks for the reply but I was more interested to learn how I can add my own pictures into the collections of others!?!?


December 14, 2011


You can create collections and include the work of others......... I remember it was very tricky and you had to be very precise with commas, slashes etc.....I havent bothered to do it again after the first go ....... notice boards / threads will have instructions if you search. David.

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Photo credits: ImagoGestalter.