How to address a message to support

This is a subject that probably many of you still have questions about and that us, admins, would like to make more clear.

Here are some general guideline about addressing messages to support:

- make sure you explain your problem as thoroughly as possible and give as many details as you can. We will not be able to help you if your message is "I have a problem with uploading.";

- include the possible error messages you received;

- if you require priority review include all the IDs of the images you need review for as well as the reason why they should be prioritized. You can only ask for such a review if the image is uploaded for a photo request. In this case, you must include a link to the thread on our message boards. If the image depicts an international event, a link to a major news site describing the event should be made available to the editor;

- if you need your model releases to be replaced or have other model releases questions either include the ID of the model release or the name of the document;

- your image was refused and you need more information on how to improve yourself and your work. Include the ID of the refused image in the message text. Remember we have thousands of submissions each day and we can't pinpoint a refused image without an ID; reply immediately after you received the email, not ten days later (the image will be unavailable by then)

- when you are asking about licenses, describe the usage of the images , for example, "I am printing this image on a T-shirt that I am not going to sell, but wear it myself" is a good description and the answer will be quick and simple: "You can buy the image with the royalty free license". If you would only have written "I am printing this image on a T-shirt" the editor would've had to send a longer message covering both royalty free and print extended licenses since you didn't specify the end usage of the item.

Last but not least make sure you have checked our FAQ before you address your question, the answer may already be there and your problem would find it's solution much faster.

To end, remember that giving all the details will bring you faster and more accurate answers from our admins and editors.

Photo credits: Icefront.

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Thanks for the advice!


great support here in DT


Thanks, Nikitu... I knew it was something simple and stupid like that... der der der. Sometimes you look so hard you miss the obvious.


At the bottom of every page there is a contact us link where you can write to us from. There are also FAQ pages and other information displayed in all areas of the site according to the usage of that page.


Maybe I'm just dumb but... how do I address anything to support? Is there a link to send a message? how do I ask for "more information on how to improve yourself and your work"? HOW do I send questions to support? Why can't I find Alexhor's "support section of the site"? I'm probably missing the obvious or something but I can't figure it out.

Thank you for your help.


Very useful tips!!


Ioana, very useful tips! Thanks a lot!


Thanks for explanation- will keep in mind.


Hello Ioana, nice explanation, will keep in mind.


Good Tips, thanks alot...
I agree with Alexhor


Very good explanation. This article, or parts of it, should be copied to the support section of the site. Thanks.

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