How to avoid rejection of additional files.

Hello there!

Another rejection of your additional file? Don't panic! Take a deep breath and read this blog. I hope it will help you to understand the mistakes you make.

I'll start with vectors. The most common mistake is raster (bitmap) elements on your illustration. It happens when you export a file format that isn't supported because of certain types of gradients, transparent objects or different effects that you used.

More simply: if your iIllustrator is CS6 and you use transparent and effects that aren't supported by Illustrator CS5, you will get bitmaps when you save to CS5 or to a lower version. If you want to see whether there are any bitmaps or not, you should open the Link Window from Menu bar.It must be empty.

Another mistake takes place when you use Inkscape. Saving a .svg file to an .eps file you must check for blurs (0.0) and opacity (100%) before saving the file. More about this Blog

A third example at mistake is when you use linked content that is not available when it's opened. You must remove all the references to external files.

The fourth mistake : The sources that you have used (scanned drawings or photos), are also bitmaps. Make sure that you have already removed them before saving.

That all for Rasters.

Let's move to other, more simple reasons for rejection.

1. Auto traced Vectors. I don't like them at all. They are too simple. Everybody can do them. If you still want to use this tool, pay attention to crooked shapes , joined up with each other. If your illustration has got lots of them, it's very hard to edit and believe me, the buyers will never return to buy your illustrations, something that I don't think you would like.

2. Don't leave shapes or duplicate elements around the illustration ( that do not appear in the .jpeg)

3. If you have elements going over the edges of the illustration, use the clipping path or mask . It's so simple!

4. When you expand the objects, make sure you expand only the strokes or the shapes without gradients and not the gradients themselves , because they will break into small slivers.

5. The fonts must be expanded to curves. Leave unexpanded just the placeholder ( "your text here" , "place for text" )

The .PNG files

The objects from PNG files (isolated objects, frames, people, 3d renders, cartoon characters etc.) must be completely isolated from the background.

The RAW files

If your RAW file contains visible faces that are not present in the .JPEG , it will be rejected. You can crop the person from .JPEG but the person will remain in the RAW. The same happens with copyrighted elements (boards, brands, names etc...) they will remain in .RAW and they aren't suitable for royalty free license.

I think I mentioned all the reasons about rejecting additional files. If I miss something, any comment is welcome.

I want to thank Andrei because I was inspired by his notes.

Photo credits: Fallenangel.

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September 03, 2015


please where can I find (please a screenshot) "from Window Menu bar.It"
Thank you very much!

June 03, 2014


Although I don't upload vectors so far, this'd prove useful for me as I'm learning to create vector files.

May 26, 2014


Thank you. Very helpful.

May 26, 2014


Thanks for sharing this, great info.

May 26, 2014


Very useful !

May 25, 2014


I don't do illustrations, but I used to submit RAW as additional files. DT accepted some of them with the copyrighted material and when I realized it, I went back and disabled them. DT can miss these things and is ultimately your responsibility if there is any infringement.

May 25, 2014


thanks for your suggestions!

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