How to be found with few images in portfolio

Maybe I'm only lucky, or maybe my work is on the right way...

I've been able to sell 4 images with only 21 images in my portfolio. You can see I'm on Dt since march 2009, it's true, but I had only three or four images since last December. So I can say I've been working a little on Dt only for about 3 or 4 monthes, and in the last two weeks I've been selling 3 images. Not bad, I think.

I think this could be a useful summary of my work for beginners:

1. DIVERSITY - try to work and to upload images with different subjects: travels, business, building, details, objects, illustrations...

2. READ - read a lot here on DT, it can help you in learning tecniques, in shooting particoular subjects and in having inspiration.

3. HAVE A LOOK - find time to have a look to the most important photographers or of the ones with many sells. It can help you in learning what it really means "stock oriented" pictures.

4. PARTECIPATE - writing blogs or answering message board can help you in being known by DT users

5. KEYWORDING - you would have read about it in many blogs and messages: well it's true a good keywording could help a lot!

6. GOOD LUCK - as in many things luck is always a good partner. But remember: she's blind, but you can help her ;)

Photo credits: Trottola.

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May 10, 2010


Thankyou very much for the lovely advice...I am sure it will help a newbie like me!!!!

April 29, 2010


All the points are well taken, and right now I am just concentrating on Point No 2 - Reading.
I am getting a clear picture of what DT wants and how to go about it, by reading a lot on DT.
Thanks for the hints.

April 06, 2010


Well done, thanks for the good tips, always nice to share, keep up the good work. Karen

April 06, 2010


Thank you for your messages!
@Cednik: sorry if my blog isn't useful for you too, I'm just a beginner but I'd like to share what I noteced and the little things I learned since now. Thank you for let us knowing that it's best to be specialized in one subject.
Good luck with selling to everyone of you ;)

April 06, 2010


Quality speaks volumes over quantity. I have 22 images on this site. One of which has over 60 downloads. I'm not a professional - I've never taken a photography class in my life... It's just fun to take pictures. So great job! and Keep up the good work!

April 06, 2010


Sorry but how can you know what is good for making the portfolio more visible when you got just 4 sales? Your tips are very common, but I dont understand why exactly you, with the minimum of experiences here on DT are making a summary of what is the succes about. Also I quite disagree with your opinion of the diversity. On the other side you can sell much more when you are real proffesional in just one subject. Have a nice day and more sales.

April 06, 2010


Congrat, your images (I saw the first few) have strong concept! Yes, Luck can be bended a bit :), but when the image is found by the buyer, it must worth to be bought.

April 06, 2010


Nice article! Short and useful tips for beginners! Great!

April 06, 2010


Nice and useful reading, especially for newbies looking for tips to get started on DT. I think point 3 and 5 are the most important! Thank you for sharing your experience, and good luck with your sales ;)

April 06, 2010


Nice blog, congrats for your sales. Many more will come, you have nice pictures. Would be better if they were more. Keep uploading and your sales will grow constantly. That's a promise. :D

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