How to become a professional photographer

I have an old SLR camera not digital. The digital camera I have is not an SLR but a Fuji Fine Pix 4 mega pixel. Can my pictures taken on this camera be considered as good to be uploaded. Do I need to have an expensive camera. Does the kind of equipment I have make a good photographer. Please tell me.

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August 24, 2007


My advice, no matter what camera model you use, is to: Keep the ISO setting as low as possible for the lighting, as this will keep color noise and film grain appearance as low as possible; Unless your light settings are phenomenally bright, use a tripod for steadiness; when in doubt, use a tripod; to further help with steadiness to reduce blurring, get a remote switch for your camera so you don't even have to touch the camera to take a picture while it is on the tripod. Also, the lower your mega pixels, the closer you should crop to your subject so you don't have to crop later, possibly making the photo too small to be accepted.
I hope you get the advice you were looking for!

August 24, 2007


Hi Jose,
It's not the equipment that makes a good or not so good photographer, it's the knowledge and how you apply it in the "making" of the picture. However, equipment it's very important when the specs to be met are very tight: low noise, high resolution, sharp etc. If you look at the 18 pictures on the home page here on DT, you will see that only one has a 3.3 MP picture, in the "to be discovered section", with 0 downloads (ID:625491, as the page changes periodically). On my opinion, it's a beautiful picture, great lighting, dynamic composition, however nobody wanted until now. Is it just the size? Not sure.
That's my two cents. Go ahead and start clicking and try to upload only pictures that are in high demand. You can still have your films scanned and loaded here though...

August 24, 2007


They say equipment doesnt make a good photograpger. Although it helps. It reminds me of the saying 'money doesn't matter". But it surely helps.

You can surely take good shots with FujiFine 4MP, why not? I have some photos in my collection taken with Kodak DX7440 4MP. It's just the matter of control U have over your shooting, your lens performance.

I am sure, with the time, you will know exactly what U need to improve and upgrade.

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