how to boost my sale in here

How to boost my sale in here....

Any method suggest?

Photo credits: Alvinku.



Your article must be written in English

September 03, 2009


Great images - give it some time earnings will appear over time.

Also try to get a higher score in the ranking game, it will help to visualize images that will sell.

September 03, 2009


Set up your own blog, if you are active in other forums put a link to your signature ( i have mine on about 10 forums that i frequent) if you post photos to flickr put links there or anywhere else you are active

September 03, 2009


1)Upload photos 2)be active on forum 3)write blogs 4)be careful with your title,description and keywords at your photos/illustrations 5)read article blogs,most of them are very useful and you can learn a lot of things 6)read your comments and 7) be patience,best wishes Gabriel

September 03, 2009


Group your photos in collections with other photographers that will increase your visits and who knows sales also!

September 03, 2009


upload illustrations with additional format.
upload seasonal photographs.
write blogs atleast 2 in a month.

September 02, 2009


A few suggestions:

1) upload more images that sell
2) Improve title/description/keywords on existing images
3) become an exclusive contributor

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