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How to boost your earnings by 10 percent

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Did you know that if you have your own site and you display your images there, you can point them to your image details page on Dreamstime and earn 60% from the sales you make this way or even 70% if you are an exclusive??

How you can do that:

1. Build your own site (or go with a web platform) and join our Referral Program.

2. Display watermarked thumbnails of your images

3. Point the ones that you have on Dreamstime using their referral link. You can also add a "Download" button under the image.

You can find the referral link under the watermaked image, on the image detail page:

e.g. Image details page

scroll down for "Referral Link".

The link should look like this:

were 6 from resi6, is your user ID (the one you use for FTP login)

4. Sit back and relax

That's very easy to do if you already have a site. Of course, you can only point images that we accepted on Dreamstime.

All buyers referred this way, will award you an additional 10%.

Photo credits: Sergey Shlyaev.

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May 27, 2013


thank you

January 25, 2013


Thanks for the tips! I think putting your (watermarked) work out there is very important to begin with anyways. There are also other ways that can lead people to your photos for more sales, such as Pintrest and Twitter. Although not everyone loves these social media tools, they still are important.

January 25, 2013


can i use my blogspot page for this?

July 10, 2010


I have a website, still under construction, using the methods Achilles suggested I think im doing it right anyway. This entire site is for DT contributors only for now for both my exposure and theirs.

Click Framed Here

July 10, 2010



April 22, 2008


Yes, the ones with the referral code contain the res parameter followed by your user ID (the same one you use for FTP).
Glad to see it starts to show results for you.

August 22, 2007


Yeah, I have a banner placed on my website for now. Its very hard to put up a sale gallery on my website as well because there is already not enough time to finish the unfinished photos in here :P . Eventually I will do it for sure.

August 21, 2007


Last night I just was reading about it. Could you add some web site from our community to see some example about your article?.

August 21, 2007


nice tip Serban, thanks.

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