How to Build a Dinner Table

First step in making a table is to go online and find out how much it cost to buy a table at Target. Step one. A great table made of solid wood at Target can be had for about $200. If there is not a target store in your area that can send the table to you they will be more then happy to do that for an additional $200. This of course does not include the chairs, which will guessed it, an additional $200. That is for just 4 chairs. If you like to entertain then you will need at least 6, which will run about $300, not including shipping, once again costing $200. By now you might be thinking, maybe my local furniture store will be cheaper then Target, and you would be right, but you are cursed to live in a small town were furniture stores are few and far between and so to do any real comparison shopping you have to drive to the nearest city, Where they just happen to have a Target that might have the perfect set of table and chairs. If they don't however, you can always have them shipped for an additional $200.

If all else fails, and you realize that finding a really great dining table that your family can enjoy for years is just beyond your monetary reach, you can try and build one. That task requires one to have or buy wood, screws, glue, clamps, sander, stain, primer, brushes, paint, a shed or garage and have about two days were you have nothing better to do and go for it. Why two days. That's just for slow people, and those who like to let the paint dry before they ad another cote. The fun of making your own table is that you can make it any shape you want, as long as it is round, square or rectangular. You can make it as big as you want...say you don't like your spouse and you want to have some, personally that doesn't apply too, but just in case. You have to measure the room it goes into. Make sure it will fit through the door. Also make sure you have the right equipment. When you get all the info together, go to the hardware store and get everything you will need to make a stellar table it will run about, you guessed it, $200. And that is not including labor.

The one thing you can be sure of when you build your own table is that you can make something that you will absolutely love. And after working several weeks on it, (I know I said two days, that was for those that actually had two full days to commit to the project) you will love the outcome, and be totally satisfied with your lovely new table. It also almost guarantees that you will weep when the first bottle of pickles in acidic juice, is dropped on it because you were trying to carry too many groceries up two flights of stairs and all the way to the dining room. But that is beside the point. You will have a wonderful table for quite a wile, and since you made if from wood instead of some synthetic material that disintegrates at the first sign of moister, it should last for years. Oh no, I forgot about the chairs...I guess I will go to Target.

Photo credits: Fabrizio Argonauta, Andres Rodriguez, Dreamstime Agency, Evelyn Kofler, Robert Cocquyt.

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May 06, 2010


......and the joy of using something that is made at home.

November 03, 2009


Good article very informing ,nice photos

October 06, 2008


Nice images and great article. :)

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