How to choose the best DSLR camera?

The development of electronic technologies and information technology has decisively affected the world of photography. The film reels were replaced by memory cards and batteries. DSLR cameras have become popular in the market and are accessible to various types of photographers.

But you who are entering the world of the image or are already familiar with the world of clicks, do you know which camera model is best for your needs?

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What is DSLR?

First let's decipher this acronym. Cameras that were not compact, that is, more professional with direct viewfinder (which the photographer sees what the lens captures), has a mirror inside. The analogue ones are called SLR that means Single Lens Reflex. These are the famous Reflex cameras. The technology replaced the film by the sensors and appeared the digital word, so Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR.

Usually these cameras have interchangeable lenses and manual functions, ie the photographer adjusts or sets to extract maximum performance from the equipment to capture light and thus make unique photographs. Exploring the camera's manual functions is a differential between photographers as it is the nuances of ambient light capture that will make the difference between amateur and professional photographs. You can learn more about the manual functions here.

Knowing Models and Brands

There are many models of DSLR cameras on the market. Every day the brands update their versions and follow this development is an almost impossible mission. But if you know some basics and what you need to do your job or the photo you want to do, it's a great facility.

The most popular brands among photographers are Canon and Nikon but other brands are working hard to attract consumers and gain the confidence of photographers like Sony.

The Canon input models are T5 and SL1, from the Rebel line. From Nikon the D5200 and D3300 models are suitable for you who are just getting started and want to know more about professional photography. Sony offers the Alpha A3500 model. All these models can be found for less than two thousand reais in Brazil.

Things You Should Watch

There are some technical aspects that you should be aware of when choosing equipment. The first is the definition of the image so see the type of sensor and the amount of megapixel. Currently the cameras are ranging between 18 and 24 megapixel. This results in good high definition images to work with the internet and also print with great quality.

Another thing is the crop, that is, the size of the sensor in relation to the lens. A prori, the input models have some crop. The analog machines have a film standard where each negative (film) recording is 35mm, standard size. Some models of DSLR cameras do not have this kind of sense which can affect the quality of the images and the use of the lenses.

Another feature that you should pay attention to is with regard to videos. What are the formats, sizes and whether it records in Full HD. Many Youtubers use simple machines to produce their videos that bomb in the gut.

Also check the ISO, which is the sensor sensitivity, the shooting speeds and what type of memory card it works. SD cards are the cheapest. Flash cards are more expensive but more reliable.

Now that you know how to choose your first camera, look at our website for the photo tutorial to stay on top of the techniques to get the most out of what your equipment offers.

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