How To Create Epic Star Wars Style Star Fields in Adobe Photoshop

It’s not really that difficult to make a convincing star field for your backgrounds and space projects. You absolutely need an Epic Star Wars Style Star Fields that you can create in Adobe Photoshop to start with any space scene. This can serve as a background for such an undertaking or a great way to start creating a video. Here we will also explore how to create warp motion effect to simulate a spaceship going to warp. So let's go “steady as she goes!”


1. So we open Adobe PS and start with a new document, I chose 1920X1080 which is the standard HD. Choosing a higher resolution may make the stars look a little smaller but you can remedy it by varying the noise numbers and scaling in the steps ahead. So go ahead and fill it up with black color with the plain old bucket tool.

2. So now we need to add noise. So go to Filter, Choose Noise, Add noise and select a number like 35%-45% depending upon how dense you want the stars to be.

Adobe PS tutorial image

3. Next, we are going to add blur to this noise. So go to Blur, Choose Gaussian Blur and blur it by approximately .5%

Adobe PS tutorial image

4. We set the threshold to get the stars we want. So go to Adjustment menu, Threshhold and move the slider to get the amount of stars you want.

Adobe PS tutorial image

5. At this point, I copy the layer and go to layer properties of the new layer, then choose blending option as “screen”, then i go back to the layer and scale it up by twice (200%) or more depending upon what i need. I also moved the layer here and there a bit and rotated it to make it look random and different than it’s original.

6. You can pick a brush and add bigger spots of white, to simulate bigger stars in each layer independently.

7. The top layer that is on screen blending, choose that and go to Filters-> Blur-> Radial blur, choose method to zoom and amount I chose was 17. Leave the center alone to do it at image center. So now you get your warp motion over a background of motionless stars. You can name the layer “warp stars” if you like.

8. The stars are a little dim at this time, you can duplicate the “warp stars” Layer and just let it sit at the top to brighten the stars in warp motion. You can turn the layers off or on to get the image you want exported, be it star fields without motion or with or both.

Adobe PS tutorial image

Tips: Adding color overlays, adjustment layers and gradient layers in blend or overlay mode to simulate different space environments can be experimented with. For nebula effect, adding some dust with brushes and then using a colorful gradient overlay can do wonders. You can also use cloud brushes in transparent layers.

You can experiment different things, like adding coloured brush dabs to simulate different temperature stars (white, blue, orange, red in order of hottest to coolest). You can also use galaxy and space elements (commercial for RF) brushes to add nebulae and galaxies in the distance. New noise layers with blurs and color overlays also make some decent distant nebula elements.

Hope you liked this small guide on creating Epic Star Wars Style Star Fields in Adobe Photoshop. See it was easy. Drop your comments and tips if you did something additional or different. Thanks for reading.

PS: feel free to create a unique star field, complete with galaxies, nebulae or just plain variation of your own and submit as RF stock here. Do post link to your images in comments :-)

Photo credits: Artistashmita, Noel Powell.

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April 26, 2019


Nice tutorial. You make it seem easy!Larry

April 23, 2019


Pretty neat stuff! PS is amazing.

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