How to create a good glass engraving pattern


I am always searching for good glass engraving patterns. But what is necessary, to make a good glass engraving pattern? It does not really help the engraver if he or she has a photography of an engraved glass object. Great are patterns which have a white background and black outlines. I was searching for glass engraving patterns and I have found a lot of photographies, but only some few useful really patterns. The lines need to be exactly and should have the same thickness. I am little lazy to design engraving patterns for glass engraving. I have another style to create, but the picture in this entry does a little remind on engraving patterns. A good work is, if the pattern has a big size, in case someone wants to use it for glass door designs. Of course there are resizers and similar software, but the bigger the pattern the more lucky the engraver who wants to create a door design. :-) Stained coloured patterns are also in use by engravers, but how I am already have written, the more I like black and white coloured patterns. The colour disturbs a little the process of drawing on the glass. In my case I am putting the pattern under the glass, because I am creating glass images with engraved images. So I am happy if there is nothing which is disturbing. Also often is, that the engravers are putting a small pattern into the glass, which they want to engrave and are drawing it from this pattern on the glass. Today I have bought two pattern images, they are coloured, but wonderful - great - phantastic. I hope to see more engraving patterns in future. Go on and create. :-)



Photo credits: Martina Ledermann.

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March 25, 2010


Thanks for sharing! You inspired me! I will create some nice pattern ;)

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