How to customize your Facebook Timeline with a Feedback-loop effect

How to make a custom feedback-loop effect for your Facebook Timeline Cover

Tonight, as I was wasting precious time on Facebook, I had an idea to make a really neat feedback-loop effect for my timeline cover image. I thought it would be nice to post a quick article about how to make similar effects for your timeline. You will need Windows built in screen capture tool, or a similar screen capture program.

Feedback Digital Illustration

1. I took a screen capture of my current Facebook timeline. I made sure to memorize the exact area I had cropped, and saved the image as fb1.png.

2. I uploaded fb1.png as my new timeline photo and shifted the image up and to the right, so that it begins to make a tunneling or mirrored feedback effect.

3. Next, I took a second screen capture using the same cropping as before, Saving the file as fb2.png.

3. I repeated the above steps several times, until I had achieved an interesting feedback effect.

You can check out my cool timeline effect on my facebook fan page at (while you're there, show your support and become a fan)

Or view it on my website at:

Watch the Video Tutorial on YouTube

Photo credits: Aaron Rutten.
Aaron Rutten
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I have been using Corel Painter for more than a decade. I am honored to have been chosen as a Corel Painter Master Elite. I'm also a Corel Painter Beta Tester and member of the Corel Painter Advisory Council.

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May 22, 2012


1. Can't move the image left or right? You may need to take a wider screen capture.
To achieve this you may need to increase your monitor resolution to a larger size. (i.e" 1440 x 900 or larger)

2. Don't have Windows 7 or a snipping tool? You can use this free screen snipping tool: or search google for "free screen snipping tool"


March 01, 2012

Interesting work :) It certainly does make Facebook timeline very unique.


March 01, 2012

Thats agood idea , thanks :)


March 01, 2012

Huh good!