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A brand identity is the image of your company that you promote to consumers. A business, like an individual, has an identity and personality. A brand identity integrates the ideas, personality and values of a company. If you take the time to design a brand identity for your company, you will increase the chances that customers will recognize and trust your company in the future. It is important to note that creating a brand identity is more than simply designing a logo.

1. After establishing your company name, write it down. Begin brainstorming attributes that describe your business to create an overall feeling that you'd like to convey.

Ex: McDonald's (fun, playful, food, kids, fast, quick, simple, warm, American, Classic, burgers, fries, golden)

2. Know who your target audience is. Part of this process should include checking out your closest competition. Seeing what someone else has done, and what works for them can help steer you in the right direction. Also, sometimes noting things that don't work so well with also help you steer clear of what NOT to do. This step will help establish a look and feel to the typography and color scheme of your company name.

Ex: McDonald's (young kids, working class, all American teenagers, grandparents, vibrant, primary, simple)

3. Associate ideas from your list from number two with imagery for a business logo to represent your brand identity. This may also influence a color scheme (usually no more than two or three colors to keep it simple and easy to read).

Ex: McDonald's (mascot, red, yellow, clown, cheese, M, swoosh, burger)

4. Use your new brand logo, photos, images and colors on all business communications, including letterhead, business cards and your website. Keeping everything consistent across all platforms is what will create a unified brand identity which will become easily recognized by the mass market.

Ex: Mc Donald's ( Golden Arches)

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