How to earn money here

Everyone asking this this possible to have a small portfolio and earn a lot here?i think yes but you must keep in mind some rules to be successful contributor. First thing you must have a really variety portfolio..For example if you upload only landscapes i bet you will not make money because people need everything. Someday they need isolated objects, some day kids with soap bubbles, someday landscapes so try to play with your camera and try to develop your imagination and take different creative, nice, beautiful and catchy shoots..I think this is the only way to make some money and to be proud of yourself because there's already a lot of landscapes, clouds and forest shoots so you have to invent something new, something special.But of course you still can take pictures of simple thins BUT in some special way, some different way from pictures that are already online or you will get this:

"This is a very well covered subject in our data base"

Photo credits: Andreygorlov.

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October 01, 2009


Definitely possible. I've got 555 DL's w/just 31 images online.

September 30, 2009


Thanks Andrey for your advice, I agree with you - to be imaginative and shots lots of varieties.

September 30, 2009


Hi, as most of you already have noticed, there is no longer a quantity limit in our database. You can shoot whatever comes to mind, just as long as it looks as it should: fresh, technically good, AND with sales potential, that means imagery oriented on customers needs. Stock is a dynamic, living thing, because demand generates offer. Just browsing through our download trends pretty much gives you the highlight on what sells.
Indeed, portfolio variety is a wise way to fish. Also, small, clear series on a given subject are essential.
No matter what the subject, there is one key factor in having your work available to the buying eye: keywording. It must be spot on the image. I've seen many people over info-ing their pics and in the same time missing the point.

September 30, 2009


absolutely agree with you. my best selling photos are ugly barrels near old storehouse and skiing lift without people at late spring. it is surprising! )))

September 30, 2009


Maybe yes, maybe not that much. I mean, about diversity of someone's portfolio. If you're stuck with photos all of the same subject in a very close and not that marketable niche ... forget it. But there are a few niches/themes that can really sell a lot, even width very few photos: people in action, "atractive sexy young woman doing this or that", concepts, concepts with people, ... :)
The variable that remains constant here is quality not diversity. If you have that quality and then you add diversity, the sky is the limit.

September 29, 2009


Clearly very good advice but execution of novel shots requires dedication to achieve the required quality and delays in the selection process cause me aggravation as I dont know whether to continue with a plan until I see if the first batch are rejected or accepted i David.

September 29, 2009


a very useful bit of advice - I now have 50 images accepted and been on here for 3 months now - slow but sure..... just waiting for the first sale ... hopefully soon, and then another and another etc....

good luck all

September 29, 2009


Yes true,we need to shot everything

September 29, 2009


nice blog. even i am an illoustrator i can also learn lot from ur blog...i got some inspration to draw some more varieties.

thanks bossssss.....thanks.....

September 29, 2009


thanks for the info and advice :)

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