How to Edit Approved Images on Dreamstime

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In this article we are going to give you a guided tour through the process of editing images that have already been approved by Dreamstime. Contributors may be unaware of this, but once images have been approved, you are still able to edit the titles, descriptions, keywords and categories. This feature is offered to enable contributors the opportunity to reword their images – perhaps there are some images that may not be selling well and the wording may possibly contribute to the lack of sales. It also allows contributors to clean up their portfolios and ensure that the wording for each image has no spelling errors, which is valuable for increasing the sales potential.

Since buyers use keywords to look for the images they would like to purchase, it’s very important to ensure your work has the most relevant and descriptive words, and even more beneficial if you are able to create some unique titles and descriptions in your captions, rather than opting for the easier route of using commonplace phrasing. Being attentive to titles, descriptions and keywords can make the difference between your image being found or lost in the sea of similar images, so it’s definitely worth the effort to spend some time and thought on this process.

To access the editable content of an image, navigate to the file and click on it to open it in your Dreamstime library. On the right side of the page, beneath your title, you will see three dots which you may click on and this will open a small window.

This new window allows you a choice of several options, such as editing the media, checking sales of that specific file, adding the file to a lightbox or sharing the link elsewhere, perhaps in an email or to social media. In this particular scenario, the option you will want to choose is the Edit Media button.

Clicking on Edit Media will open the file in the editing page, which is identical to the page you see when you first submit an image and go through the process of inputting the title, description and keywords, adding model or property releases and choosing your categories.

To edit the title, description and keywords, simply click in the window, delete the current wording and replace it with your new text. Categories can also be accessed and we encourage you to choose from each of the three categories, as opposed to only one or two.

If you have spelling errors, the Dreamstime spelling help feature will alert you by underlining the misspelled word in red. When this occurs, please take care to correct the misspelling so that your images have the best chance of being found in our library.

While you are in the editing page, you may go through all your keywords and remove any that are not relevant, or any words that may be misspelled. To remove a word, simply click on the little X at the end of the word and it will be deleted.

Once you have finished making your changes, simply click on the Save button and your changes will be applied to the image.

Photo credits: Tashatuvango.

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October 19, 2020


Imtiazkania1966, your images might end up under UNFINISHED section because they have people on them, but you didn't attach model release(s). I don't know if that's the case, it's just a guess, but check your images. They are back under UNFINISHED section because they have issues you need to fix.Great blog post, Tamara. Very helpful.

October 17, 2020


Hi Tamara and all DT members. Thank you for this valuable information which I was unaware of. Btw I am new to DT. Just recently joined. So learning many things via blog as well as message section.There is issue which I wanna discuss with you folks as I encountered the same today and few days ago. My APPROVED images were found sitting in the UNFINISHED Files section. These were 2 ( two) APPROVED Images. Yesterday too I found one of my APPROVED image in the PENDING Files section. However all these 3 APPROVED images were in the ONLINE files but now they do not exist there anymore. Tamara can you please tell me why this happened? Is these normal? What may be the reason for it? What should I do so that all these APPROVED 3 images reflect or are seen in my ONLINE Files again? Kindly suggest! Awaiting your reply. I would really appreciate your help as I am only bread earner of my family Thanks. Take care. God bless you and your family. Stay safe! 

October 16, 2020


These are very useful posts. Congratulations on the exposure clarity!

October 15, 2020


This was great and very helpful.  I was always under the impression that I could not change the Categories once the image was accepted, but now I'll have to navigate your directions and try it out.  Many thanks!

October 10, 2020


PS; I noticed that you can retrieve the original file name. This will be useful given my notoriously sloppy "filing" habits.

October 10, 2020


Good useful stuff. I have overlooked the 3 dots functionality.

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