How to Find Great Shots While on the Road: Moscow.

I love to travel and often do it.You could say I'm an avid traveler.Most of my photos I took while on the road. Of course I plan my trips and they have a clear destination. And Yes most often I shoot landmarks.

To the conquerors of space monument devoted to the achievements of the Soviet people in space exploration

This spring we all family traveled to Moscow. It was a one-day trip and we planned to visit the legendary Exhibition of achievements of the national economy and the Pushkin Museum of art.

The people`s friendship fountain Moscow Russia

The main attraction of a visit to the legendary VDNCH was last renewed in the Space pavilion.It is a large modern Museum dedicated to the theme of space exploration.

The space ship rocket vehicle of the type East

And although this space exhibition gave our whole family a lot of new knowledge of impressions and photos.

Such as a huge rotating globe of the earth.

Two people next to a huge globe of the earth

Soviet and Russian spacesuit space rescue suit.

Soviet and Russian spacesuit space rescue suit

The space capsule of the type East the true capsule of Yuri Gagarin.

The space capsule of the type East the true capsule of Yuri Gagarin

We also were impressed by Robostation we came by accident.Robostation -this is an interactive exhibition in one of the pavilions of VDNH.

Industrial robot that can plays

The exhibition was a real discovery for us.A few robots gave me their photos.

Robot repeating the facial expressions of the person looking at it

Robot that can sing dance talk

It would seem that the case does not matter if you shoot architecture and attractions.

However, I already had a photo of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow but it looks dull due to weather conditions. But I still managed to make a bright Sunny picture of the temple when walking around after visiting the art Museum.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour Moscow Russia

Thus, while you on the road you need to keep your eyes open, be prepared for the unexpected and if you are traveling with children and even take photos on the run.

Photo credits: Olgabugrovskaya.

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Like that picture of the national economy achievements main symbol. Yes be prepared for the unexpected and if you are traveling with children.

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