How to find great shots on the road: See a choice in the everyday life, not only tick off famous landmarks

We all know it: We look forward to visit a famous landmark and we do not have eyes for the very typical things that happens directly beside us.

That’s how it was to me when I travelled. We originally planned to come in permitted time to the next designated target but then we had some small experiences. Allow me to introduce by way of example motifs shot from little market places with very characteristic/traditional offer and not special offering for tourists. Sometimes we decided to stop and have a look around. And believe me, if you also do, you will find great inspirations for your photography– not only fruits and vegetables – no, the best of all are the people!

In this way we have made our stop in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. There was a market with colorful supply of fruits, vegetables, herbs and fish and many helpful and friendly staff . And under the stall next to the sacks of peanuts was the young mother sitting with the newborn baby, just a few hours old! See the face of the young woman, I will never forget how happy and grateful she looked at her little boy.

Mother and newborn Baby, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

Or see the concentration in the faces of the people in Uganda near Kibito, where we drived through on the way to the gorillas. But for me the visit on the market was nearly more interesting than the hiking tour to the gorillas (in heavy rain on slippery mud and steep sloves with wet cameras) If you study the portraits you can imagine how hard it is to take care of bare necessities for these people.

African market, typical vegetable and meat market Uganda, Africa

African Women

African woman on crowded market, Uganda

And at least I want to show you the variety of goods which the woman on the small Fijian Island Levuka presents with proud. In this unexpected encounters you can recognize the true life of this people.

Tropical Market, Fiji

So, do not hotfoot to tick off landmarks or things you think you have to do, take time for the everyday life. This is a possibility to get portraits of authentic people in real life.

Photo credits: Hel080808.

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Hi Tmohan0311,Thank you for your comment. You'r right. Therefore I wrote"Allow me to introduce by way of example …" My English is not best, but I hope I can make it understand.Have a nice day.


Agree with your subject. Likewise, road has many things NOT only a market place where people converge.


Wonderful images.


Thanks, Pet 548 and Joezachs, all the best to you!


Great images! Congratulations!


Like those candid pictures. So lively and colourful.Yes, as you mentioned, life is tough.


Thank you very much, Egomezta. I've seen that many of your pictures are also from the road! I like specially the photos from the girl at the beach in backlight! Greetings to Mexico!


Nice blog. You have amazing images. Congratulations.

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