How to find your unique 'Niche' as a photographer

This is my first week with Dreamstime. I am an enthusiastic amatuer and by way of introduction to the site I thought I would write a quick article for those like myself who are just starting out.I understand there are many other blogs about' Finding your Niche' but I would wish to air my personal views and hopefully relieve someone from anxiety attacks!

Crazy scientist got the great idea with bulb symbol

There may come a day when a photographer starts to think about his or her 'Niche'

Now it's not immoral and you won’t go to prison for it. Nor is it life threatening. But alas, you can't be treated for this syndrome and at some point you may end up in a padded cell beating yourself up!

The good news is though, it will eventually pass with time and you may be forever immune to it. A bit like measles!. or...…..

Will searching for your unique ‘niche’ become your holy grail?

Young male guy got scared of the DSLR camera holding it in his hands on summer day. Funny picture of beginners in career of photog

When we first get our camera we take pictures of everything that moves or doesn't move. Then we become more creative as we improve our skills. Macro, landscapes, stars,portraits, underground mushrooms, (what!!) architecture. The list goes on.

I was no different. I didn't know what I wanted to concentrate on. And it bothered me about where I should be concentrating my time and efforts most.

Street photography made me feel uncomfortable.

Portraits studio work ? No interest for me. I'm lazy and don't like deadlines.




I like the outdoors, I can take my time I take what I want and I have no one to bother me.

Is it my niche? I don't know I just enjoy it.

To be fair, for a photography business and to earn a living, it may be the way to go. Concentrate on one subject. Become good at it then expert and eventually become world renown.

Grand Tetons Black & White

Yet, I would argue that Ansel Adams (landscape Guru). Henri Cartier Bresson. ( street photographer) and Brian Duffy (fashion photographer) enjoyed what they did.

They became masters of what they photographed. It was then that they were placed into 'niches' of their respective fields by others.

With that being said. Your niche will find you. Or put into other words.

You will eventually find something you enjoy doing, because of the enjoyment you get from doing it. It's what your most comfortable with and you're also good at it.

So, don't worry too much about a 'niche' and continue to enjoy your photography and remember only to upload your best shots to Dreamsime with no blurry images and diagonal horizons!

Paul Williams aka YorkshireKnight

Photo credits: Andrianocz, Centrill, Dmitriy Khoroshun.

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September 13, 2018


Well said Paul; keep on enjoying your photography!

August 24, 2018


very good article. thanks for shearing

August 23, 2018


Yes, everyone has to be good at something and should be his niche.

August 19, 2018


Thanks William, I may be stating the obvious but I see so many questions on the internet about what's the best niche best and how to find a niche ….etc etc ( and having experienced thoughts myself when starting photography) you could forever go around in circles. Relax, enjoy photography and let your niche find you if we have one!PS Congratulations on the dog breeds interests.

August 18, 2018


Very true, your niche is what you love to do. EVery where else is uncomfortable! Great article.

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