How to get 100 percent approval rate {Am I cheating???}

Well this blog may not be useful for everybody, especially for exclusive contributors.

I tried this method this month with my uploads, and it did work, achieved 100 percent approval rate with my 10 uploads.

For me Dreamstime is the favorite site, and this is the only site where I make real money so I wanted my acceptance ration to be good.

As I'm contributor in 5 other different site I used this formula. Again I cannot guarantee that this works, or will work every time, but I believe 80 percent of the time it should work, even though each agencies has different requirement for images.

I uploaded my images in other stock site first, some site has very fast review time, so I upload their first, analyzed the results, corrected the problems from which got rejected. After fixing uploaded to other sites, their was improvements, finally after comparing all the five site's review results I uploaded here in DT. Initially I had 18 images, after analyzing the results, I deleted 8 and kept the remaining 10. Waited almost a week, and the result was 10 on 10. All my 10 images got approved.

Now I take the opportunity to showcase my 10 new images and promote them here through the blog.

Please take a moment and comment on the images which has been approved.

Also I suggest other contributors to test this formula and give your reviews in order to prove if this works.

Note for buyers, all these images has PSD format, available upon request

So here are my latest images.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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Well sorry for the late reply, well I think its a benefit for contributors if you are submitting in many sites. Even money wise DT is best, I have few images downloaded more than 100 times in other site, but when it comes to money this is one of the best.


but no matter how long it takes to be reviewed, DT IS THE BEST !!! :O)


as an update , and another comment, i was wondering if Dreamstime's slow review time is actually a benefit to contributors and Dreamstime or not.
the thing is that speed is of the essence with certain images. another thing is , let's say if XXXXX and XXXXX (no names mentioned) the other top sites of microstock in the Top 5 are reviewing our images within 24-48 hours, we may be tempted to slowly move there. especially if we noticed that our images are also being downloaded sooner and our placement in the keyword search is better there.

i cannot believe that those two Top 5 sites have nothing to review, i think they just give us more priority because maybe they like our work. and because our images are live sooner, we get better downloads with it, regardless of the volume of our portfolio.

just wondering...


Yeah Tanjomast, I agree if the rejection in other site is due to technical then you get a opportunity to correct them and resubmit.

But yeah subject matter could be an issue,


...upload only ONE PERFECT image per DAY!!!!....


don't mind if i comment further.
if the rejections from other sites are technical, this would no doubt work with DT as well. since DT is the slowest to review your submission, it allows you to correct the technical error. this would definitely maintain a 100% approval.
however, if it's based on buyer's need and subject matter, there is going to be a big difference between DT and some other of the Top 5 sites.


Great advice and no, I don't consider this "cheating"! :-) I've done the same thing before. However, since many of my photos are dogs, though they may be accepted at other sites, sometime I have a hard time getting them accepted here, due to "similar subject" rejections.


it makes sense, though.
regardless of the different needs of certain sites. but looking at my own short history of microstock and the downloads across the board, i do find that my "best sellers " (cough, ..cough... best seller = 5 dls, lol)..
are the same images that sold well elsewhere.

i remember pointing this out in another forum, and i got the overwhleming response from established sellers,
" a good stock photo is still a good stock photo , no matter."


I am a member too, don't forget. Being an editor doesn't change much. There's so much to learn from our blogs! :-)


@Maigi, Thanks.

@Rolmat, yeah that's what I mentioned it might work or may not work. And finally I got the much awaited comment from a admin. This is the first comment from a admin in my blogs. Thanks.


This one must be one other formula more, it may work, it may not work.
Different agencies, different strategies. Keep that in mind :-)
But these images are really good, congrats!! :-)
All the best to you all.


Nice! Congrats! :)


@little desire, thanks, well site is just round the corner, something new came up and there is some twist in my life at this moment, and i believe its for good.
@ Frantab & @Keki, you should try this out, it worked for me.

@Studioportosabbia, great to know you got results.

@Noonie, thanks, but your PF is great, hey I downloaded one of your golf image, watch out for my next buyers guide.

@Dennist, well do a test drive and let us know if this formula works, even if works 80 percent, its better for us and better for the editors as well.


I don't know about making DT last on the list; but until someone is confident at spotting problems I can certainly see it being useful to do a test run with a single site or maybe a couple before uploading everywhere.


NOT FAIR...I want a recount!
Of course, you have great stuff, you're very talented. I'm jealous :((


this works!! I used this method the last 6 weeks and had similar results. Those no limit upload sites are so helpfull:):)


good idea! worth trying out :) brilliant illustrations :) well done!


great insight, will def try it out, thanks for sharing :)


Nice to get 100%! When your site will be ready?


@Mani yeah its useful only for non exclusive members.

@ Smartview, yeah I guess it should work, that's why I posted this blog so we can experiment

@Brad, thanks, even that's my favorite, initially image I thought may be I cannot use, then this idea stuck me when I was designing the Car Magazine.


I like the SUV one! Nice images...


If it works for you, it should work for everybody!


As you said NOT useful for exclusive! Could be true! Thanks anyway ;)


I tested personally this trick other times, but it works not so straight.
It happened to me many times that images accepted on an agency were refused by other ones.
You can surely discard images not approved by three agencies, but this will mean not that the good ones will be accepted everywhere: at least in my personal experience.

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