How to get ahead in stock photography

Like a few others here, I'm skeptical of the benefit of using social media to promote your stock photography. While there may be some benefit, one has to also consider the opportunity cost. How much time spent on social media could be spent on producing more images?

In any case, there is one aspect of social media that I think is invaluable to the stock photographer - and that is blogging! But not necessarily for any exposure it might get you, but rather just the act of trying to illustrate your own blogs with your images gives you a sense of what might be useful to have as content for sale. So get out there are blog, as a learning exercise. Also, read other's blogs to get ideas on what kinds of things might be useful to bloggers who buy images online.

This shot is one I came up with trying to think of a way to illustrate a sun burn, and the need for sun screen. Some cells were harmed in the making of this photo, but rest assured I waited until someone accidentally got a sunburn!

Just doing this blog helped me find a subject with only 114 results in a search!

I suppose if I'm going to say one should blog, I should pass on my actual blog as well: High Fidelity Compacts

Photo credits: Brad Calkins.

Your article must be written in English



Pertinent points. I have a science-based blog and use some of my science images there. (I take them with my personal camera periodically at my day job.) I also know some bloggers who solicit images at ******** and other places. I have been suggesting they check out DT.


Thanks for share your ideas.great advice.


Thanks your advice for us. I will try it.


LOL, I thought you were going to tell us how not to spend more on camera equipment than we make!

This is good advice, too :)


LOL, I thought you were going to tell us how not to spend more on camera equipment than we make!


Thanks for advice. So I must upload more and more. Another myth busted, some people think that old images will grow in level and more money will come...


Thanks for the comment - Alvera. I have to agree, my friendships on DT are often more meaningful than 'friends' on FB :)

The 'Wall' is a factor in that you tend to increase you uploads linearly, but the database is growing exponentially. However, if you are in more niche areas I think you can break free from that and at least keep your earnings growing linearly...


I agree with you about the time consumed. This reply is also a time consumming thing, because I am not a native english writer :) I also agree about "there may be some benefit". Please allow me to make a full report: I have a blog for about two years with more than 400 posts (DT photo with some words related). I have also an Facebook account from about one year, also a G+ account. The only thing I noticed are some referrals. But they are lazy. They register on DT and never uploaded or buy photos. But, maybe, one day they will start this business and one of them will become the next Yuri. :) Hope this will be within the first 3 years :)
And now my own conclusion: Earnings graph is a flat line in the last 2 years. I don't know, maybe only social media prevent the line to go down?! :) Who knows?! Maybe is that "wall" thing, many people described this phenomenon in stock business, when you continue uploading but the sales are the same.
Another thing: on fb and g+ I have lots of friends, but this is, again, time consuming. The real friends are in the real life. And, from virtual friends, the ones I am really attached was made here, on DT message board. There are beautiful people in this world of photography. God bless them all, it's a really pleasure to be here! You are one of them, btw :)


Too much advertising may not be good. Unless you are there with a mark a notch in the industry, otherwise your photos and ideas might just be good material for people to copy, modify and claim as their own.


Nice idea.Good concept.Well done!Thanks for sharing!


I agree, blogging is an excellent way to challenge yourself and pass on helpful information. I'm still trying to reconfigure mine. :)


Great concept image, well done!


Very creative idea............ thinking might prevent brain disease as well !

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