How to get a great sky

Today I'd like to write a useful blog; so I hope what I'm going to write will be a good tip expecialy for newby and for the ones not so able with photography.

To take a good picture one of the most important things is the light. The most expensive camera, with the most professional lenses and the best filter maybe can help you, but a good sun in the right time of the day can really be your best and less expensive friend!

Sometimes you are in the moment to take a good picture, but the sun is not as its best. This can happen to you really often during a journey: a beautiful landscape, a wonderful historical building, but a cloudy day. So when you upload your pictures on Pc, your image is quite good, with colours not so bad, but with a sad, flat and grey sky.

It would be a great pity not to change the sky and not to turn it n a great image... luckly often it's possible to ge it ;)

It isn't so difficult!

Open your image with Photoshop and then do all these things:

1- Duplicate the background layer (this is very important, 'cause in case of mistake you always have your first step to use).

2- Create a new layer and call it "sky"

3- with the wizard instrument select the sky of the background (use tolerance around 30, so that you don't select other parts of the pictures except the sky)

4- Fill the selected area on the layer called "sky" with a beautiful cyan (you can also try to get great effect with lilac, dark blue,...)

5- Turn the layer "sky" on the way "multiply"

6- Change its opacity between 10 and 50 (it has to be up to the background of course, change its position if necessary)

7- select the inver of the sky and change the contrast and the light of the rest part of the background. Usually you have to add ligh and its important to don't add light to the sky.

I'm sure your picture will be nicer now. If not, just try again with another colour and other opacity ;) ... good job!

Photo credits: Trottola.

Your article must be written in English

February 10, 2011


Thanks! I tried it, woks..I have to get better

June 23, 2010


@Imagincy: I've never tried.But if you have a sky between orange and blue you probably have a beautiful sky, so you don't need nothing more. Then you can try anyway to add a little of colour but with a very little opacity...
@Parry I don't know this software, thank you for sharing it ;), I'll take time to try it.

June 18, 2010


Sharing is caring, thx for the useful info Trotolla. Wish u bright days ahead.

June 18, 2010


thank you for the information. and i ask some question. if the sky have differnce colour between blue and orange . should be doing the same that u tell ?
(sorry for English if u don't understand)

June 18, 2010


Thanks you for the information. :) very useful

June 15, 2010


Thank you all for yor nice and kind posts!

June 14, 2010


Thanks for idea! I`ll try this one!

June 14, 2010


Thanks..this is a little different than the way I have been doing it. I'll give it a try.

June 14, 2010


Thanks for sharing.

June 13, 2010


Thanks a lot for the info!

June 13, 2010


Very useful! Thanks for sharing! :)

June 13, 2010


Thanks for this useful tip, Trottola and for sharing your nice photos with us.

June 12, 2010


thanks,it is very useful!

June 12, 2010


Thanks for sharing! ;)

June 12, 2010



June 12, 2010


thanks. i'll try it this way next time.

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