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9 years with a guy. We were best friends and lovers until the end. Back a few months ago his last single friend got engaged and he figured he would want to do the same. And he just "cant", he explains. With that he left. Did he leave because he was scared? not love me enough? or because as an Aquarius man they avoid marriage as long as physically possible?? I didnt get any of those answers.

I have not uploaded any pictures since he has been gone, little lone picked up my camera. Im broken, a shell of myself with no inspiration. How do I bring the love of photography back into my life when my soul is broken.

"They" say what you think about, focus and is what you bring into your life. I still think this is a kick in the teeth, because I would have never thought he was going to leave and it is a philosophy I have believed in for a long time. Should I close this epic chapter with a series of photos describing my pain, my heart ache, the distrust? or focus on a series to describe first love, new love, happiness?

How do you get inspired with a broken heart???

Photo credits: MorganOliver.

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July 21, 2012


Some of my best photos where created with a disapoinment in my heart so All for the better

July 19, 2012


Again, to all you gentle souls, I wish there were a way to personally thank you for your inspirations and well wishes. I do understand that this is a close of a huge chapter in my life. Though I have had to leave my home, quit my job, use every penny i have to keep going all while having to deal with a broken heart and loss of my bestest friend, I understand many people have much bigger losses and true pain. It seems selfish to think Im broken and empty, I must think of though who not only pick themselves up but use the pain as a strength.

July 19, 2012


"This too shall pass". Don't forget about this. Do not think by a way "how I am unhappy that it does not exist, anymore". Try to think "I was such a happy to had this story in my life". Life goes on. There is always something just behind the nearest corner. You need not TRUST in this. You should just KNOW this perfectly well. Lot of bright, exciting and important events, meetings, achievements, etc. are waiting for you. Just do not sleep. And be alive. The best of luck!

July 19, 2012


It happens to most of us at sometime.
Your next relationship might be round the corner and infinitely better than anything you've experienced until now. Your camera can get you through............ when I stopped smoking finding new images was the only thing that got me through.
Suggestion go mad and hire a model or advertise for one in your local supermarket. Picures free to model model release for you. Hope this suggestion helps and brings new friends your way. David.

July 18, 2012


When I feel sad, I always get out of it thinking that today could be my last day... seems morbid but it does help. No use sitting around, time is precious and is there to be used and enjoyed.

A lost love is terrible but there is plenty to live for: family, friends, new unknown loves and of course... photography!

July 18, 2012


Life's a lot like your sales here on DT, highs and lows :) It gets easier with time, look at it as an opportunity rather than an issue. If it's within your means, travel to somewhere you have always wanted to go/photograph. Who knows who you will meet on your adventure and where life will take you. Good luck and hugs :)

July 18, 2012


Sorry for this, but I guess life is made of experiences: joy happiness, sadness, pain, etc. I felt the same about 16 years ago, then I met a girl and married 12 months later, had kids, and here I am... Happy.

July 18, 2012


[imgl][/imgl]Dear Oliver, take camera & express your story. After that clean your sky from stormy clouds [imgr][/imgr]& don't look back!

July 18, 2012


I know everyone has had heart ache or some loss in their lives, thats why I appreciate so much for the comments and support from "hopeless romantics" like yourselves..

July 18, 2012


If it helps you to express your pain on photos, why not, but you should try to get out and enjoy yourself, do things that make you happy and are not related to love and to your ex. A little bit at a time, lunch with a good friend, a good movie, a nice walk in beautiful nature, a trip somewhere... whatever takes your thoughts away from your ache if only for a minute. Photo inspiration will come again when you'll be ready.

July 17, 2012


you have talent and sometimes our feelings get in the way of our thoughts.Just pick yourself up and do not let him have the satisfaction of bringing you down.You can do it..Maybe your feelings will come out in your work and that's OK.Good luck Peace

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