How to get models for FREE!

So I am tried of taking pictures of me, my wife, and our son.

I said to myself, "How can I get models to pose for me for free?"

After which there was a long blank pause. Followed by another long blank pause......

Lucky I said it out loud with my wife in the room (she's the one in the curlers) and she said, "Put an ad on one of those free online ad lists saying you'll trade free headshots and family portraits for some modeling and signed releases. You'll have so many models you'll have to turn people away."

I of course didn't listen. So one night while I was playing video games, she did it for me. And as always she was right...... I got tons of emails from people wanting to either sign up or get more info. A lot of the people who answered the ad never followed up, but so far I have done 4 of these and the models are thrilled to get the free photos and i have gotten some great shots! I would say easily so far 100 usable stock images.

The Geek with the computer chip is one of the people who responded to the ad. He is a opera singer and couldn't afford head shots, He was a great guy even bought his laptop as a prop!

Now I know.... your thinking, but your just giving away your services. But the people I am shooting have no money, so they wouldn't be my customers. There pictures are from a big box store or that place in the mall.... they can't afford me.

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Aspire7047.... wow thanks!


You can also find models for TFP shoots on, photographers can also find jobs/gigs on there too.


pdtnc- to answer your question... yes i had all the lighting equipment before I set up with models.... I shoot on a white and a black backdrop.


Thanks for this post now I have an idea to wher eto get a model, although it is very hard to find here in Arab counrty... It haelps alot for me to think...




Might I ask if you were already equipt with a half descent studio setup? (I looked at your profile page which kind of answers my question) But how much of that gear did you have before your wife started your Model shooting?
What background do you use for your isolated shots or are they all clipping paths?
cheers :)


i checked out

Most of the models seem.... well... not family friendly.

also there are none in my area


it depends on where you live though... for example there ain't a single entry in model mayhem for where I live :D


here are a few images from a recent free model shoot
3564615,3564606, 3564558
These girls were great!


Try checking out
There are local models everywhere who are looking to do TFCD deals.


This is a good idea. When casting for professional shoots, I often used these online lists. For LA/Seattle/SF, many professional models respond. Some do expect to be paid but are trying to avoid the percentage to their modeling agency. Others just want head shots. One caveat: when using amateurs, be certain to fully explain that you will have little control over how the images are used but explain that we have restrictions against pornography etc. Good Luck with those models. You are doing fine so far!


Very good idea though. I might try that at some point if I ever get a studio set up.


Obviously this has worked well for you, I have an ad running, and have had a very poor responce, two enquiries but no shoots yet.

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