How to get more sales and bring more buyers to your portfolio? Part II

OK. Let's think like this. Last few days I make search for very often real world situations and problems, I search for "woman menstrual cramps" and "business mobbing". And do you know what I got?

For first one I did not get any photo, for second just 37 photos (some of them does not have any connection with search). So let's think this way, everybody shot happy people, successful businessman ...

But in real world we have failed businessman, sad and unhappy people, so my opinion is for all of us to try to fill this searches with future bestsellers.

What's your opinion? I think this could also bring more buyers to our portfolios.

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August 20, 2007


The largest image search engine, Google images, doesn't even look to keywords or tags, just to file names.

As long as we don't have artificial vision to do it automatically (some experiments are on their way, notably in the copyright business) we have to rely on human tagging. Mahalo is trying that.

What would really help is to add a unique tag to all media (like the ISBN) so you could search for a shot, and then find back - on all sites - where it's sold or offered for free. Also combined with an open picture directory like DMOZ. Actually, we have that already, and it's called Flickr. Just make sure to put your shots up there watermarked and with a link to Dreamstime.

August 19, 2007


You bring up a good point. When we are trying to think of new ideas, it is a good idea to do a search of the stock database. If we're thinking about doing something along the lines of body aches, plug in a few words and see what has a lot of results, and what has little or nothing. I'm surprised that you did not get any results for the first search, as this is a big part of the advertising campaign on television geared toward women. Perhaps this is something we should put on our To-Do lists.
This same article also brings up the importance of keywords. There probably are images depicting a woman with menstrual cramps, but they may not be keyworded properly. It does not good to have an image if no one can find it when they want it.

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