How to get rid of lens fringing and chromatic aberrations with PS

Hi would like to share my little knowledge about eliminating those awful and refusal-reason lens fringing on some photos (usually red and green colors by the edges of tour objects). I have made with my snow photos.

I took a lot of snow photos by the 8th march big snow that took place in Barcelona, and had a lot of refusals because the damn lens fringing, so what I did:

Requires a lot of patience :)

1) Open the picture in Photoshop and zoom 200% or 300%. You can see the more visible chromatic aberrations, specially in saturated photos: a ugly magenta and green lines in all borders of your object.

2) Select with Rectangular marquee the zones where the chromatic aberration is visible

3) Go to Image/Adjustement/Replace Color

Sun rays between snow covered forest

4) Select the color you want to remove(for example a vivid magenta in a green tree leaves border) and move saturation to -100. Click accept. You can control the parameters with Tolerance in order to pick up more or less color

Snow path

5) If you still have awful tones, repeat the above procedure with every color in order to have a picture uniform, removing all magentas and chromatic aberrations. You can also replace color instead of lowing saturation: with the same procedure (Image/Adjustements/Replace color) pick up the color you want replace and adjust the tolerance

Snow path

In my snow pictures I have used another techical, but this one only works in pictures with no magentas tones (for example sky blue, green leaves, brown trunks and white snow) is it: Image/Adjustements/Selective Correction pick up magentas and move magenta to -100%

Winter collage

Photo credits: Titania1980.
  • Titania1980
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September 10, 2010

Sometimes... I need to add a bit of chromatic aberration to my illustrations. Then they look more like a photo ;)


September 04, 2010

Thanks for the tip! Wow I did not know that!


September 02, 2010

I have not used this method, so will give it a try! Thanks so much for the "tip".


August 29, 2010

Thank you for your comments!

@Sarah: you can give a try, it requires time and patience but results are cool :)

@Risto40: I use PS 4 to open my raw files, and it has also a lens correction, but I need also to correct manually some pics. Thank you!


August 28, 2010

Great tips! Thanks Ingrid :)


August 28, 2010

Great blog Ingrid!Thanks for sharing:)


August 28, 2010

Thanks Ingrid! this is really useful!


August 28, 2010

Useful tip! I'll try it once the method i use stops working. What i do, is go to Filter menu and pick Lens Correction. Newer photoshops have lens profiles available, but i still used the manual mode. Just move sliders in Chromatic aberration sections. In Photoshop it does not work that well as it does in ******** Camera Raw. I've noticed it actually affect the sharpness of the image as well. Usually, once you get rid of chromatic fringing, sharp areas becomes more sharper.


August 28, 2010

Thanks, Ingrid!


August 28, 2010

Nice and useful! Thanks, Ingrid!


August 28, 2010

Great blog, Ingrid! Thanks for the tip!


August 28, 2010

Very useful blog, Ingrid! I hate those fringing and chromatic aberrations as well. I'll try your tip with my jpg images, when there isn't a way to use the Camera Raw Plugin.


August 28, 2010

Thanks for the tips Ingrid! Well done shots :)