How to improve sales?

Everybody here on Dreamstime wants to know how to improve sales. In my opinion nobody can give 100% solution to this problem. In my opinion to improve sales the following steps are necessary:-

1. Quality:- This is one of the most important point to improve sales. Quality images sell better and in quick pace.

2. Regular uploads:- regular uploading of pics also increase the sales. As you will keep on uploading more pics your portfolio exposure will keep on increasing and you will surely get more sales.

3. Blogging:- Blogging is another good way to come into limelight. Write good blogs, you will be awarded with 1 credit and also your portfolio will be more visible, hence your sales will improve.

4. Assignments:- I my view assignments are also very helpful in increasing your sales. Assignment pics are very frequently viewed and hence if we participate in assignments their are increased chances that our portfolio will also be checked, resulting in increased sales.

5. Free images:- By donating images in free section it is possible to improve traffic to your portfolio, hence results in sales increase.

6. Resolution:- In my opinion you must upload pic with maximum resolution, try not to crop the image as it results in reducing the size of the image. most buyers tend to buy images with high resolution, so that they can itself crop according to their need.

7. Categories:- Try to make categories and put your pics according to it, it will result in increase in sales.

I think these tips may help you and me to improve sales. Best of luck.

Photo credits: Picstudio.

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Thank you for your tips! Good uploading everyone!


Thanks for the great information!


Thanks that your understand my lost and frustration. Best of luck with all your uploads



I've never looked at those assignments and don't know what is that really ;), i think i should give it a try.


I agree with your tips. But you have forgotten about one, which is very very important. It is very good to be photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime ;-)


thanx for your suggestions.


Thank you very much for the information. Great portfolio. :)




Thanks so much for your valued input!


Thanx Starblue.


Very nice blog and very nice portfolio, esp. images of animals! Good luck with them!


Nice read. Will put to practice.


yeah i agree on these points and the other blog.


A good article! Very good suggestion!


Ya its a great combination.


Good tips, Picstudio, and I think combining what you've said with what's in my recent article the downloads would go through the roof.

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