How to increase sales help!

I am a novice in dreamstime family an i wanted to ask some advises from profis

please! If you are a beginner share me your expirience

Id also want to now how to get more images online!

Pleas! Watch my portfolio and give it a mark from 1 to 10!despite it format...

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March 22, 2012


im a newbie as well, and went to the management area and saw I have submitted 99 images in the last 45 days, have had 41 accepted and 28 are still pending. it took a month but I have had 3 sales so far. Best thing I have been doing is reading the blogs, looking at what people are posting and making friends with people that know what they are doing! (thank you especially eliane!) I recently read a good article about posting at multiple sites and the advantage to that. You do make more on images if you are exclusive however... and biggest thing.. look at the qaulity of your image. blow it up to 100%- its making me a better photographer!

March 12, 2012


Initially I uploaded 10 photos. for couple of months, there were no sales. I was not sure whether actually people get their pictures sold or not. after first sale, I thought, yes, pictures could be sold. After uploading 46 images, there was a pause but sales were 20 in 3 years. After a long pause, I started uploading images again. Now I have 130 pictures with 49 sales in my portfolio. I have plans to upload a good number of pictures every month. Everytime I am learning from rejections and I have seen a good change in my skills. So, nutshell is, just upload more salable pictures. Good luck.

March 12, 2012


Thanks for all types of advices! Thats a great expirience

March 11, 2012


Shoot, submit, learn, analyze, be disappointed, be thrilled, blog , comment, learn, shoot, LEARN..., If you are enjoying your Dreamstime experience for whatever reason, keep going !

March 11, 2012


As already said you must upload at least 100 image. During this time you must learn mainly from the rejected images. Architecture image like the Venice ones may be sold good but try to have also some diversity inside your portfolio.

March 11, 2012


Answer is easy :) Keep up uploading images. Every rejection will teach you, what to shot and what not to upload. The key is to forget about your photographers ego (well, we all think our pictures are fantastic :) ) and keep up photographing new things, new ideas and upload. That's at least my way ...

March 11, 2012


i'ts not easy to make money with small portfolio... good luck and upload every day minimum 1-2 images if want to have daily sales.

March 11, 2012


Don't worry about sales until you have 100 images online. And then keep going. Concentrate on shooting and uploading. Sales follow from quantity of quality images. There is no magic formula, with a database of 12 million plus photos you can't expect four images to be seen.

March 11, 2012


Your city pictures from Italy are beautiful. They would sell faster in a documentary setting. Take a look at the best selling pictures here on DT. They usually are concept pictures (like happy, healthy, spa, or backgrounds from colored drawings). These pictures are often used on websites and newsletter headings.
Just keep at it. DT has rejected 2 or 3 pictures of mine for every 1 it accepts.

March 11, 2012


The best thing you can do is uploading constantly, and trying to deliver good quality and "unique" pictures.
Be patient and sales will come :)

March 11, 2012



March 11, 2012


You need more patience! And more photos! Yes, your 4 photos are nice - but with that number you cannot expect many sales. It took me months and more images online until I got my first sale.

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