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The selling of images is hardly difficult, complicated business with high competition. Our success in it is the result of cooperation and good skilled work of DT and contributors as the team.

The collection of DT has nearly 500.000 beautiful worldwide images and more than 40.000 of them are macro.

The reasonable question is how to improve sales of the picture in this sea of photos. I would like to use this opportunity to share some ideas or just to remind few helpful approaches to the problem.

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Definitely, the core of answer is good concept, quality, and keywords. First two are well discussed or still are running under discussion in many blogs.

The last topic is not so actively lighted and I would like to give some suggestion. We can make the selling area for the image wider by adding characters or “humanized” keywords as attentive, learning, lesson, smiling, crying, angry, proud, alert, surprised, brave and so on. Look on your birds, butterfly or pappy as on the possible model to illustrate scene of life, category of metaphors, human features and even business situations. But be careful. Very important is to pick up obvious but not abuse (remember about bad keywords).

Background is another powerful part of picture. Of course, it is BACK but it is GROUND! ''Active” background can take the eye of buyers or editors. Photographer can increase sales by living the free space (copy space) for the text of designers.

The natural, easy removable or blurred background can make image is more stock oriented. At the same time I agree, always there is request for particular animal(s) in particular place or condition (sick elephant, red parrot in the old cage or crocodile in the office…).

Some of images are not good enough for the stock. Do not be hurry to through the picture into the bin. In view of this I would like to give two suggestions.

The first is to shift them into the free section. It is the well tested way to link buyers with your portfolio. One day I transferred some pictures and during 24 hours around 15 $ was earned from the related sales. It is not bad for the beginner. The second way is to use image for the decoration other pictures or to make them more impressive.

ASSIGNMENT is good chance for us to participate the competition, get advanced training, launch your name, promote work, upgrade level of the images and even be winner!

I have found very helpful to listen the DT team's advises during rejection of pictures and communication via ‘’ Comment for editor’’. Definitely, rejection is not making us happy. But we should not be over sensitive in it. Business is business and just follow the friendly instructions. If your image is getting good sells DT editor is happy not less than photographer!

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Finally, do not forget about creativity to produce outstanding images and I wish to the DT team, buyers, my colleagues photographers ALL SUCCESS, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Photo credits: , Andrey Pavlov, Banol2007, Alex Kalmbach, Roman Dekan, Michael Shake.

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January 31, 2013


A lot of rejections for bad space comes from a badly composed or isolated shot. The buyer does not require an isolated image of a tomato thats in the middle of a page with white space all around it, in this case its easy to add the space. Good copy space is sort of worked in to the composition of the whole shot and thus is not a waste of space.

January 31, 2013


Thank you very much for sharing,Banol2007!Is very useful!

February 17, 2012


thanks for the knowledge

December 19, 2011


Re: Physi28. It is difficult to tell without your photo. Different agencies have different standards, any way we can appeal if disagree with editor. I did not have rejections for the ''copy space'' problem. Thank you wery mach for comment & interesting question. I think the blog for this topic with following discussion will be useful.

December 19, 2011


Thanks for sharing, great blog!

December 19, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

December 19, 2011


thanks for your interesting and helpful comments! However when you say that
" Photographer can increase sales by living the free space (copy space) for the text of designers. " I have to remind that there are (or there is a) some photo editors of DT who seem not to agree with that idea as they have refused some of my photos because "the client does not want to pay for empty space" I found out that it seems as there is no 100% agreement among the DT photo editors in that issue.

December 19, 2011


Nice shots!I love animals.
I have some pet images in my portfolio.

December 18, 2011


Blog very interesting, congratulations on the choice of images!Happy holidays to all!

December 18, 2011


Nice blog I like it , nice images u have , happy new year for u and all dreamstime team.

December 18, 2011


Thanks for sharing! I wish you too Happy Holidays!!!

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